How to Travel During a Pandemic with Safety and the Budget in Mind

Countries are reopening borders, and people are getting their vaccines. All these mean one thing: your travel fantasy is almost within your reach. Traveling during a pandemic has finally become a reality. Although some countries still require people to wear masks and practice social distancing, this brings a great feeling knowing that traveling locally and overseas is no longer suspended.

But before you start making travel plans, it’s important to consider that traveling during a pandemic will be completely different from your previous escapades. Besides stricter travel policies, you have to brace yourself for in-depth health checks and unexpected expenses, such as COVID-19 tests, quarantine accommodations, and frequent transportation to avoid crowds.

Travel expense is one of the biggest barriers to enjoying a trip. It’s hard to savor the food and sights if you’re on a strict budget. If you’re traveling to Singapore, you’re likely looking for food deals to satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. The truth is, there are different ways to save money while traveling. It’s up to you how you apply it to your traveling style and budget approach. To help you, here are hassle-free ways to travel for less during a pandemic.

Go for shorter trips

Traveling within your country is the safest and cheapest option if you’re keen to travel during a pandemic. If you’re not sure about how a specific destination handles COVID-19, don’t risk yourself getting infected. Remember, it’s can be pretty unsettling to get sick when you’re miles away from home.

Going for several short trips throughout the year instead of going all out for an overseas vacation is also less stressful. Why? Short trips require lesser planning, making them less expensive and more chances to visit other places.

Also, going on several shorter vacations removes the expectations of having a long and perfect vacation. Although it might not seem as exotic and adventure-filled, there’s no need to travel long distances to enjoy a vacation. You’ll even find a lot of interesting places you haven’t discovered.

Take advantage of promotions

Travel promotions will be abundant after the pandemic. Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies have lost a lot of customers during the lockdowns, so they will resort to strategies to make people consider traveling again.

Look for websites with a wide selection of vouchers and coupons for your destination. You can find them almost everywhere. Many businesses today are incentivizing COVID-19 vaccinations by providing freebies, big discounts, and other exciting deals. So if you’re already vaccinated, you’re in for a lot of surprises. Just make sure to bring your proof of vaccination to qualify for the offers.

You can also travel with your friends or family to be eligible for group travel promos for tours, food, and accommodations.

Go for off-seasons


Off-season traveling isn’t only cheap but also safe. While there’s a reason it’s called as such, your trip can be just as fun as a full-blown trip. First off, off-season means mingling with fewer people but enjoying plenty of opportunities to explore. This means social distancing is much easier since you don’t have to face large crowds and long lines.

The off-season is a perfect opportunity to engage with the culture and visit places that are often filled with people. Taking pictures is also easier since no people will be blocking your background.

More importantly, traveling during the off-season teaches you to become more flexible when arranging travel plans. You want to maximize the trip just as the peak season, so learn to plan strategically while on a budget.

Lastly, the off-season allows you to skip the extra fees, enjoy half-price tours, and fly cheaply! You’ll also find hotels and tours offering discounts to draw customers.

Avoid nights out

One of your biggest priorities when traveling during a pandemic is to stay safe and avoid crowds at all costs. This includes skipping nights out and drinking some booze.

Alcohol takes up a lot of portion of daily travel costs. Keep in mind alcohol has varied costs in various parts of the world, especially in bars, restaurants, or other social venues.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy food and beverage at a destination. Instead of going to pay-per-drink bars and restaurants, you can try some street food adventure. When choosing this option, make sure the stall owner follows food safety practices to ensure the safe preparation of the food served.

Traveling has become more expensive than ever, and it takes a lot of money to fully enjoy a destination. The good news is, the solution lies in your ability to seek affordable opportunities when traveling. In the end, it’s all about planning and keeping track of your expenses.

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