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Guilt-free Spending: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty When Rewarding Yourself

When you are an adult, you have many responsibilities that you need to handle and deal with, which means financially. Let us be honest; most problems that adults have to face revolve around money, which is just the sad reality. You work all day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.—or sometimes even longer—and you go home to another set of household tasks.

You do not have to be a parent to know and understand this situation. There are times that you still have to cook yourself dinner when you get home, even when you are already too tired. On weekends, you have to get up to do the laundry and clean the house. You might probably think you want to be a kid again.

Life is hard. So you find ways to make life worthwhile; you watch movies, eat out, go shopping, and buy the things you want. You spend money on yourself to make yourself feel good, and that is a good thing. However, why do many people frown on this lifestyle? When someone, especially an adult, chooses to splurge on material things, they are easily judged for being irresponsible. Instead of attempting to know why that is, here are the following reasons why you should follow your heart and buy the things you want.

To Look Good Is to Feel Good

People who buy clothes are not superficial beings that want to look pretty, no. These are people who invest in themselves and want to be even more confident, which is admirable. When you are a working professional, you carry your self-image on the way you dress up. If you are someone working in a corporate setup, then splurging on formal wear clothes is neutrally right. You will have meetings, business deals, company events, and more, and you will need to dress the part. It is not about faking it. Dressing up is an extension of someone’s individuality, and that is why you should not care about what others think. You can even opt for a designer bag hire to flaunt your look confidently. After all, a Chanel bag will always seal the deal, no matter what the occasion is.

Dressing up and buying accessories boosts someone’s confidence, the same way someone will do a much better job when provided with the right tools and resources.

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Shopping Is Therapeutic

Before you associate shopping with Sophie Kinsella, know that shopping is also associated with self-care. It is basically you, getting all the things that you want and deserve.

Have you ever had a rough day at work, and nothing is really helping? Not a cup of coffee, and not even a hug from a loved one? You can try to shop for things you know you want, which will automatically help relieve the stress. However, if you are scared that you might go overboard with your budget when shopping becomes your official coping mechanism, you can keep your shopping list short to two to three items only and limit yourself from doing this at least once a month only.

Remember that self-control is vital because splurging on things will only help if you keep it that way. If you lose your self-control, the deed of shopping your stress away will lose its meaning, and you will only find yourself with a long list of items in your credit card bills. It will defeat the purpose of making yourself feel good, right? So think about it.

It Is a Way to Reward Yourself

Similar to the point above, when you buy the things you want, you gain a sense of pride and joy. After all, it is your hard-earned money, and you spent so long working. Thus, getting yourself something nice will be worth it.

Some people do not get why younger working professionals tend to spend on material things such as shoes, gadgets, gaming, and even collectibles like Funko pops. But they do not have to get it either. These people may be from a different generation or someone who has a different outlook on life. However, if your savings do not rupture even after buying these small things in life, you deserve it, and you are not an irresponsible adult, either. You’re simply rewarding yourself for a job well done.

The Bottom Line

Being an adult is hard. You may be torn between saving and doing YOLO, and indeed, you need to balance both. However, spending for yourself can yield many benefits in your life. It can make you feel confident, happy, and rewarded in a way no one else but you can.

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