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8 Ways You Can Make Your Weekend More Productive

Most people think that productivity is based on the workload that one has accomplished in a given amount of time. Most people are wrong.

There’s a distinct line between being productive and being busy. Contrary to popular belief, letting a few specific tasks take most of your time is counterproductive. True productivity lies within efficiency and how much a person gets things done. It’s not about doing something for the sake of doing it but rather accomplishing tasks in the most efficient way possible to have spare time for yourself still. Productivity is about freeing yourself from the possibilities of getting burnt out while getting things done at the same time. And productivity is what we’re going to help you master today.

Here are eight tips you can follow to ensure a productive weekend ahead:

1. Schedule Your Weekly Tasks Properly

The first step toward achieving a productive weekend is all about getting things done on the weekdays. Having no time to clean up your house for the entirety of the week due to your professional workload is understandable. However, if you always let your chores pile up for the weekend, then you’d always feel like you have a seven-day workweek and 0 days to unwind.

Get most of your chores done over the week so you can focus on essential things on your days off.

2. Declutter the Night Before

Wash the dishes and clean your house as much as you can on Friday nights. Waking up to a pile of dirty dishes can derail your momentum. Lessen the load the night before to make your housework less daunting in the morning.

3. Avoid Social Media

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Don’t let the social media vortex suck you into lying down the entire day. Detoxify yourself from the chaos of the cyberspace. Being glued on your phone is the most common and most effective method of procrastination.

Drop that phone for a day or two and focus on living in the physical world. You’d be amazed at how many feats you can accomplish once your hands are free.

4. Take a Shower Right After You Wake Up

Nothing energizes a person better than a shower in the morning. Cure your sleepy gaze with cold water. The temperature change will signal your body, letting your mind know that the time has come for you to work. And it’s easier to get things done when you’re feeling fresh.

5. Exercise

Boost your adrenaline and forget about your stress through working out. Exercise aids in preparing your body for any physical tasks ahead. But more than that, working out also exercises your mental capabilities.

In addition to that, exercising can be a great way to establish routine and practice discipline. Two things that you will need if you want to have consistency in your productivity levels.

6. Prioritize Your Tasks

Since several errands and other concerns can be overwhelming if you only have two days, prioritizing the essential tasks should be done immediately.

List down the things and rank them according to the need. Consider their possible long-term effects if left unchecked for another week. Some tasks like repairing clogged drains need to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Compared to getting a new planner, you should tick this task off your list first. You can also rank them through the difficulty and time you’ll spend doing them.

  • Pro tip: You should also prioritize the chores you’d eventually forget after a few days. There is a specific danger in being complacent, especially if it’s about your safety in the house. That loose step on your staircase might not seem like a hassle at first, but it could eventually be the cause of accidents.

7. Focus On One Thing at a Time

If you can prioritize your tasks well, then there’s no need for you to juggle chores. After making your to-do list, remember to work them out one by one. Multitasking can be problematic if you can optimize the quality of your effort. If you do multiple things at once but fail to do them right, you’d just be giving yourself another problem in the future.

  • Pro tip: Focus on tasks one by one but always group tasks of the same category and area for your convenience. If you’re planning to go to the market to buy groceries, then you might as well include all the other tasks that you have to do outside. If you plan to email your boss, then you can visit online hardware shops like bannersolutions.com and buy materials for repairing that loose step, cleaning the gutter, and fixing that clogged drain while you’re online.

8. Set Time Limits

Time flies, especially on the weekends. It’s best to set clear schedules and time limits for the tasks you have to do to maximize your days. Doing it for the first few times might be troublesome. But once you get used to it, it could be stored as muscle memory, giving your life more order and efficiency.


By following these eight tips, you can give yourself the boost that you need to get things done. But most importantly, never forget to find time to rest. After all, efficiency relies on a stable mind.

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