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Safety While Traveling: How to Protect Your Home

Traveling is one of the most favorite pastimes by Americans. Millions of Americans travel both domestic and international flights every year. This leaves a lot of vulnerable and empty houses. About every thirty seconds, a burglary happens in the US, and most of them happen in residences that currently have no people living in them.

This can cut family vacations short and force many families to go home during the most inappropriate times. If you don’t want this happening to your family while you’re out on the trip, you’ll have to install different security measures in your home. Here are some ways to keep your home safe from crime while you travel.

Ensure that Your Doors and Windows Are Secure

Your doors and windows are the prime entry spots for any criminal who wants to enter your home. The majority of these burglars break into homes through the use of the front door. One way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that your doors and windows are securely locked.

There are only very few who will break through your home by using destructive means. To prevent this from happening, you can install a couple of solid and good security doors and windows. These secure entrances will be very hard to break into even with the proper tools. So it will keep your home protected from invaders no matter what. Additionally, these added layers of protection in the entrances of your home can be enough to deter any amateur burglars from hitting your home while you are out of town.

Securely shut doors and windows are your first and cheapest protection against any form of robbery while you are out of town. This will give any robber a hard time entering your home. If you inform your neighbors regarding your trip, they can also give you a call when suspicious individuals are trying to make it through your doors and windows.

Smart Devices

Smart Devices still work while you are out on a trip with your family. They can also report to you any form of break-ins into your home in real-time.


Security smart devices are the best devices to have for your home. Despite this, only 38% of Americans have this particular device, even if most of them own a smart device in their homes. Home security devices, brilliant ones or those connected to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), can protect your home while you’re traveling. These devices can call the authorities if there are signs of a break-in your home. Furthermore, alarm systems will be blaring enough for anyone in proximity to know that people are trespassing your property.

Some of the best home security smart devices can even implement proactive security measures. Some of these devices can recognize and blacklist people that have been acting suspiciously in your lot. It can also blacklist people who have attempted to enter your house in forceful ways.

Home security smart devices are simple devices that require very little time to install. They can be quite cheap too if you compare them to other security devices in the market. So get yourself one now, if you’re planning for a long holiday trip during the summer.

Have Someone in Your Home

The best preventive measure for robberies and break-ins that’s free and effective is by simply having someone in your home.

If you’ve watched Home Alone, you might have seen an instance where Kevin set up his home as if his family was still around. This is actually an effective way to deter robbers from hitting your home during holidays or if you’re out on a trip. But you don’t necessarily have to set up your home the same way Kevin did in the movie. You can ask a family member or a good friend of yours to live in your home while your family is away.

Statistics have shown that vacant homes are the prime target for robberies. Robbers frequently hit homes that also don’t have dogs or any security measures. By having someone in your home, you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in and stealing your stuff. The person living in your home can also keep an eye out for any potential robbers. Tell them to proactively call 911 if they think that someone is acting suspiciously outside your home.

Traveling should be relaxing for you and your family. You shouldn’t be worrying about your home and what might happen to it while you are out. By implementing these security measures, you can relax and concentrate on your vacation or trip with your family.

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