Making the Holiday Memorable even from a Distance

When we say holidays, it typically means families coming together to celebrate and make memories. However, all of that changed when the COVID-19 spread across the globe. Travel plans have been halted since the spring of 2020. Last year’s holiday season forced countless families to break with tradition as safety and health are at risk.

Although travel restrictions, both international and domestic, have eased up following COVID-19 vaccination rollouts, traveling still is tedious. International travels are a bit difficult as some countries still have high COVID-19 cases. Especially with the spread of the Delta variant, the US highly discourages traveling to certain countries.

Nurture a Festive Atmosphere

There are so many treasured childhood memories made during holidays. Remember your grandparents who always spoil you? Or your crazy-fun aunt who lets you take a sip of her vodka? And of course, the different foods prepared over the holidays.

While some of us may not be able to spend time again with our loved ones this year, it does not mean that being far away from them, you cannot make memories together. Thanks to digital technology, our loved ones are just within reach of our fingertips. Zoom calls, FaceTime, Messenger — you name it. It is easy to keep in touch these days.

With that said, here complied are fun-filled virtual family activities to do over the holidays.

holidays in distance

Celebrating Holidays with the Family from a Distance

1. Wear Matching PJ Sets

Holiday pajamas never get old! From plaid to Christmas penguin designs, you have a wide array of holiday designs to choose from. For this year, rock-matching PJ sets with the whole family. Although you might not be sharing the same living room during Christmas morning, you can still imbibe the holiday spirit by wearing matching outfits. Take tons of photographs together and share them on your social media profiles.

2. Cook Virtual Holiday Meal Together

We can all agree that the best part of any holiday is sitting around the dining table, sharing a lovely meal with the whole family.

Since it is difficult to gather everyone in person over the holidays, technology enables us to host virtual holiday meals. Open up FaceTime, Zoom, or Messenger, gather everyone in a video call, swap out recipes, and enjoy a hearty meal together.

Baking also brings families closer together during the holidays. Perhaps there is a recipe passed down from generation to generation within your family. Although you may all be in different places right now, you can enjoy a virtual bake-off and exchange stories about how this family heirloom recipe started.

3. Host a Movie Night

It is a tradition for most families to watch a movie together during the holidays. Thanks to technology, doing this relaxing activity is super easy. You can do this as simple as starting a movie at the same time while talking on the phone or as complex as doing a shared screen and video calls.

4. Mail a Life-size Cutout of Yourself

Go fancy and surprise your family with a cardboard cutout of yourself. You can do this, especially if you are the only one in the family who cannot make it to the holidays. Now, you do not have to miss the annual family holiday photo. If you plan to send one, be sure to make arrangements early to avoid the holiday rush.

5. Play Virtual Games and Tournaments

Plenty of traditions can be done virtually, ranging from Christmas carol charades to a classic dreidel. Set out a tournament this year between family and friends while hosting it from afar. Engaging in an interactive game and tournament with the whole family should always be part of the holiday celebration, even when you have to do it from a distance.

6. Co-create a Music Playlist with the Family

Just because we are in a modern world now does not mean we cannot enjoy something in a semblance of making mixed tapes. You and your family can make a shared playlist and fill it with songs that the whole family enjoys. For instance, Spotify’s Blend feature allows users to create a shared playlist.

7. Send a Surprise Gift Through Mail

Gift-giving never gets old! And it is always a pleasant surprise to receive a package full of thoughtful goodies and trinkets. Your local personalized gift box shop can help you handpick the best quality items to spoil your loved ones with. Make arrangements before the holiday rush begins so that your gifts get to their destination on time.

While you might still not enjoy the typical holiday traditions with your family in person, it does not mean your holidays have to be lonely this year. Hopefully, these tips will give you an idea of how you and your family can enjoy the holidays together, even if it has to be virtual.

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