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Ideas on How to Spend Your Holidays

Traveling has proven time and time again that it is the perfect therapy for the stagnant and mundane lives most of us live. Aside from experiencing all the sights and culture your destination has to offer, it is the perfect time to meet other people after months of being locked inside our homes. If you are to survive the inevitably more difficult year ahead, you must be able to unload and recharge.

It’s easy to lose track of time while working from home. Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted, the timing couldn’t have been better for a vacation with the Holidays approaching. There are a lot of options available for all types of persons. Pack your bags and get ready to go!

Camping, Trekking, and Mountain Climbing at Yellowstone

You may opt to explore the wilderness offered by the National Parks. Find a reason to purchase that durable North Face tent your adventurous side has been keeping an eye on for several years now. If you have the allowance, rent a budget RV and drive cross-country to experience that classic feeling of camping without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

There are more than 422 national park sites in the United States alone. These span across millions of acres and cross territories. One must simply throw in the dart and decide which park piqued their interests. Most national parks do not even charge you fees. The National Park Service recommends that you plan your trip ahead, however.

Most noteworthy among the parks is Yellowstone National Park. Spanning multiple states, it not only boasts diverse flora and fauna, but various geographical and historical wonders as well. These forests and parks are part of our national heritage. Not only will you get to experience what our forefathers have experienced, you will also learn a lot. Around 2 million visitors visit the park every year.

Skiing Wonderland

Bundle up your ski gear and visit a ski resort for your winter vacation. During the holidays, the best areas you can visit to go skiing are the famous ski resorts in Vail, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics). Bust out the classic Bogner ski trousers you’ve bought from a sale last year. Experience the snowy holidays Christmas brings.

Aside from being an invigorating exercise, skiing can be an exciting way to try something new. It’s also a great way to meet and learn about new people. In Breckenridge hotels in Vail, for example, organized ski trips with plenty of group activities are very common. In a study published in 2019, evidence suggests that skiing is beneficial as a psycho-social activity. The joy skiing brings keeps mental health risk factors in check. You will never feel alone. Release the stress the work-from-home life brings you and fly down to experience the mountain breeze you waited for all year.

Boy skiing

Hot Springs of Life

Hot springs to counter the cold winter nights are another great holiday destination to pursue. Consider taking According to a study, bathing in hot spring alleviates chronic pain. Research shows that natural hot spring water contains minerals, such as sulfur, which are greatly beneficial for those with inflammatory diseases. Around 830 million travelers took trips for their overall health and wellness in 2017 alone. ;

Among the more famous hot springs resorts you can go to is the Ojo Caliente Spa in New Mexico. Famous for its hot spring rich in arsenic, it is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. If you are looking to be left in solitude, you can take a short trip to Alaska and visit the Chena Hot Springs Resort where you can bask in the heat of the water while overlooking the icy terrain.

Caribbean Mini Cruise

Lastly, you can opt to travel south for the winter and choose to spend your holidays in the Caribbean. With multiple affordable resort options between Punta Cana, San Juan, Nassau and Motego Bay, you’ll surely never feel the icy touch of winter’s ice. Aside from being able to bathe in the warmth of the Caribbean sun, a recent study suggests that seeing large bodies of water, specifically the ocean view, highly improves a person’s mental health.

2020 has been unkind. Whether you have been affected by the pandemic or you got caught in the middle of any other flung natural disasters in your own state, you deserve a break. Life has been crueler this year and it is understandable that you’d hate to end the year on a somber note. A well-timed Christmas vacation is the perfect time to recharge and rediscover yourself.

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