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Life-Hacks: Efficient Ways to Spend Time Indoors During Winter

As the temperature continues to plummet for the coming months, Americans will be spending more time indoors to keep themselves warm from the cold. Researchers have said that this cold season will be the hardest predicting death tolls doubling its number since the Coronavirus tends to thrive in the cold.

Across the country, especially in the northern portion, people are fortifying their homes, making it ready for the winter season ahead. Apart from stocking up on more sanitation products and face masks, homeowners are making their place warmer with fireplace and furnace installation services.

Nonetheless, the grim news updates we constantly hear each day should not dampen our spirits. With the Christmas season almost near, we should plan instead of how we can spend our time during the holidays in a productive and fun manner. Check out the following suggestions.

Take an Online Course

Learning never ends. With schools and universities switching to remote learning, there are more online learning materials available now. Most of these are even free. Take advantage of this downtime moment and enrich your knowledge on things by taking up a course online.

Udemy, Alison, Oxford Home Study are just some of these wonderful websites that offer free online courses with certificates. You can select from a wide variety of categories such as business, social sciences, and even law. Some of these online learning platforms give out certificates which you could use to expand your resume.

Experiment on a New Hot Drink

Hot cocoa, pumpkin spiced coffee, eggnogs are always the best to-go drinks during this winter season. But how about experimenting with a new hot drink you and your family could enjoy while sitting around the fireplace?

There are plenty of recipe options you could Google online and find on YouTube. You could also try making lavender earl grey tea latte or spiced hot apple cider drinks. Using just pantry staples, you could create a new favorite hot drink for your family.

Plan Your Next Summer Vacation

The previous summer months might be disappointing for you with vacation plans canceled as states close down their borders amid the Coronavirus outbreak. However, with lockdown regulations now at ease, it’s the best time to plan on your next summer vacation while you are cooped up.

This winter season is also the best time to start saving for your summer vacation. Consider how much you want to splurge on your next summer trip and start allocating how much you are going to set aside each week or month to reach your target.

You can kick it old school with some jars or open up secondary savings account for such a project.

Prepare a Special Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch, right? However, most brunch places only allow take-out and delivery options in line with government orders. Considering this, you could plan on making a bunch instead with your family or closest friends.

To add more excitement, try preparing new brunch recipes you have not tried yet. Make it healthy by incorporating fruits, veggies, and protein-rich products on your menu. Get everyone involved by setting up a cereal bar.

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Do not wait for spring to start cleaning up your wardrobe. While you are trapped inside your house, consider using your time efficiently. Allocate some time going through your wardrobe and discarding items that you no longer need or like.

Furthermore, with more time at hand, this is the opportune time to create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is fundamentally a wardrobe composed only of staples but flexible pieces that you could mix and match. Try it out and you will realize how minimalism could do wonders.

Do Volunteer Work Online

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Make this season more meaningful by lending a hand with some online volunteer work. Several non-profit organizations, especially during this pandemic, need help in doing administrative works or running social media accounts.

With Christmas approaching, most of these organizations are collecting items to be given to homeless families and hospital patients. Share your skills and spread kindness during these trying times.

Open Your Creative Side

Now is the high time to discover your creative side. There are several free online tutorials that teach you how to crochet, make paper crafts, create jewelry, and even resign your room. You could even turn these newly-acquired hobbies into a money-making venture.

Despite what is happening all around us, it is no good wallowing in anxiety and fear. Instead, take proactive measures to keep yourself and your family safe during the coming months, and try out any or all of these suggested winter activities. That way, you will have a productive and fun-filled winter season.

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