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How to Keep Your Baby Safe and Warm During Winter

As much as it is fun to play in the snow during winter, this isn’t the best season for your newborn baby. You should take extra precaution in bundling your newborn in layers of clothes to make sure that their body will be able to slowly acclimate to the change in weather. But babies still need fresh air, so how do you take them out of your house without them suffering from the cold weather? You can check out Obermeyer jackets on sale as early as now when it’s still summer in most of the country. Last season’s winter jackets are cheaper during this time of year, so you can get great discounts with your purchases.

Dress Your Baby in Layers

How do you dress for winter? That’s how you should dress your baby, too. The first layer of clothing should be a snug bottom such as leggings and a bodysuit. You can put another layer of pants and a long-sleeved shirt on top of that. Then finish it up with a down jacket, socks, booties, mittens, and a bonnet. Your baby may feel comfortable with that much clothing, so use only breathable fabrics such as cotton and muslin.

When sleeping, use a bodysuit with footsies and err on the side of caution. This means that it’s okay to be on the cooler side than being too warm as this heightens the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You can put the baby in a cotton swaddle or use a sleep sack.

Wear Your Baby

Babywearing isn’t only great for building an emotional connection between parent and baby. It is also great for providing that extra warmth that your newborn needs. But when you’re going to wear your baby, make sure that they’re not going to be too warm. If the weather isn’t that cold, consider putting a light jacket on them since your body will provide the extra warmth they need. Also, do not press them against your chest or clothing so that their airway remains free.

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Touch the Feet and Belly

Don’t know how to make sure that your baby is warm enough? Touch their feet and belly. The feet should be cool—not cold—and the belly should feel warm to touch. If the toes and belly feel warm, your baby may be overdressed. Consider removing the top layer of their clothing. Maybe a light jacket will be better. A cool belly, on the other hand, means that your baby needs another layer of clothing.

Be Car-seat Safe

When your baby is bundled in many layers of clothing, that may force you to adjust the straps and harness of the car seat. But when a crash happens, the material of the clothing could compress, leaving a huge gap between your baby and the harness. What you can do is put your baby on the car seat first, lock the straps, and place a blanket. You can remove the blanket when the car is warm enough, or you can pre-warm up the car so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble. If you live in a constantly cold state, consider putting a car seat liner to keep the baby warm.

When it is really cold, it is not recommended to bring your little tot outside because their body is not yet ready for the drop in temperature. You may have to stay indoors for a while. You can take the baby to and from the car provided that they’re bundled for warmth.

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