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What Activities Can the Elderly Do at Home during the Pandemic?

It is bad enough that we have to watch out lives get upended by the coronavirus pandemic. But watching our elderly also get stuck at home when all they want is to go to the community center is another level of annoyance. Sure, they are safer at home because they don’t have to mingle with strangers, but what can that do to their mental and physical health?

Doctors and health experts are always advising the elderly to move around and live life as normal as possible. They are encouraged to meet their friends, do some light physical activities, and spend time with nature. But with the coronavirus causing havoc in their lives, this is not entirely possible. How do you deal with this scenario?

Call a Professional

You may be way over your head when it comes to taking care of your elderly. There’s pressure in trying to entertain them and keep them healthy during this time. You need professional help. Call a home healthcare franchise that operates near you. They employ and train caregivers for this exact scenario. Since they follow a curriculum when it comes to home healthcare, you can trust that their programs are some of the best you can find for your parents or grandparents.

Use Teleconferencing, Too

Zoom isn’t only for webinars and virtual office meetings. You can use it to organize group exercises, too. It’s a bit different and some elderly adults may not like the idea of looking at a screen for the dance steps, but this is what you have now. Make sure to hire a dance instructor or trainer who knows a thing or two about geriatric activities. The movements should be easy and light. They shouldn’t put the elderly at risk.

Get Creative

Senior adults love to make something with their hands. Sure, their hands may be a bit shaky now, but they still have a great eye for details. You can draw, paint, color, and sculpt. Some even do embroidery. It’s something you can do at home and won’t bore them. Some even went so far as to sell their embroideries on e-commerce stores like Etsy.

Do Some Gardening

Your backyard is safe enough for your parents or grandparents. Buy gardening supplies and start a herb garden. That is if they are into it. Gardening isn’t for everyone, but you should encourage them to give it a try. Spending time with nature is one of the best ways to take their minds off what’s happening around the world. It’s also a great cardio exercise for those who can still do it for hours.

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Play Board Games

Chess, puzzles, Sudoku, and card games kill time. Little do you know that you already spent two hours on these games. There are so many cards and board games to choose from. Ask the elderly what kind of games they want to play. Maybe playing Monopoly will remind them about their childhood? That’s a good way to start a conversation with them, especially if they are bored out of their wits because of staying at home since April.

Seek Higher Learning

Is the elderly more of an academic type? They can attend webinars, conferences, and TED talks. This is a great way to keep them alert and to maintain their mental activity and engagement. Learning opportunities on the internet abound. They can learn about different things, depending on what interests them. Take advantage of the academic and cultural exchanges that are happening virtually right now.

Learn How to Cook and Bake

Are your parents or grandparents a foodie at heart? Remind them of what they love most about the kitchen. Spend time with them there. You can play around with old recipes they know by heart. Or you can try to learn new ones. You can look for more challenging dishes to make so that the process will challenge them mentally. It’s a fun and stimulating activity that the whole family can do together.

Engage in Music Therapy

Music is healing and soothing for the soul. You can let the elderly attend music therapy classes online. If they know how to play a musical instrument, they can even participate in the class. It’s a good way to trigger memories and stimulate their senses. Being able to hold and play the guitar once more will have a positive impact on them.

The pandemic has been particularly hard for the elderly, and not only because of the health scare. They have to stop doing many of the things they love because of their health vulnerabilities. But their caregivers need to find a way around these hindrances and find activities that will improve the lives of the elderly.

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