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How to Use Color When Staging Your Home

Pale, white, and neutral tones are the usual go-tos for staging a house. Used right, they really do make any space feel more spacious, relaxing, and simple.

These bland hues serve as the perfect blank canvas, but the right colors can also make any home look more designed and linger in potential buyers’ minds. Below are some ideas on how you can add color strategically to every space in your house.

Use Color in Your Living Room Wisely

The easiest way to add some color in a living room is through affordable throw pillows, throws, and rugs. You can also consider color coordinating your shelves for a splash of color in your living space.

Once your painting contractors in Park City have repainted your interiors, you can begin adding more colors through your furniture and accessories. A good rule of thumb when adding color: if a color distracts you from the beauty and general vibe of a space, get rid of it.

Evoke Calm and Relaxation in Your Bedroom

The hallmark of well-staged bedrooms is that cozy but not too personal feel you get from luxurious hotel rooms. Opt for minimal accessories and white or pale beddings for that soothing and calming feel.

For a punch of color, consider featuring one on the wall behind the bed. For example, a navy wall will look very sophisticated against ivory or white beddings. You can also consider some colored accent pillows, curtains, area rugs, and furniture for a subtle splash of color.

Sneak in Some Color to the Heart of Your Home

modern kitchenTake a look around your kitchen. Surfaces like open shelving and countertops are great areas where you can sneak in some color. One thing you can do is to infuse color into everyday items. like dishtowels, a kettle, or jars to make your kitchen livelier.

An excellent option for bringing color into your kitchen is by using color in your seating. If you have bar stools, dining chairs, or a kitchen nook, you can introduce some patterns and colors in them.

Bring in Color into Your Bathroom

The first order of business when staging bathrooms is to clean and then update the fixtures if needed. If the bathrooms still do not look as good as you need them to be, consider painting one or a couple of walls in a bold or classic hue.

This can help add more style to your bathroom, hide tired and worn walls, and divert the attention away from other outdated elements in your bathroom. When in doubt and as not to overwhelm bathrooms with color, go for plush, white towels and accessories.

Don’t Forget Your Home’s Exterior

Have your shutters and front door painted in a shade that coordinates or complements the rest of your home exterior for added curb appeal. Classic colors like blue, green, and red are nice options, particularly when coordinating with flowers and planters.

Your use of colors can make or break a home sale. You have to know when and when not to use them.

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