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A Toast to the Newlyweds! With a Great Bottle of Wine

Every celebration deserves a great toast of quality wine. For weddings, there is a wide variety of wines for the wedding toast, or even as a wedding giveaway. But do you know which wine would suit the atmosphere of the couple’s special day?

A good bottle of wine is the perfect gift for all occasions. It is also an excellent last-minute pick that would surely impress the receiver and accepted with gratefulness. But for weddings, a good bottle of wine becomes an essential symbol of this personal milestone. The wedding toast would be more memorable with a good vintage in the couple’s wine glasses.

But where do you start? Wines have many varieties and vintages that it is almost overwhelming to find that one wine for the occasion. If you’re pressed for time, ask the off-licence store in your area in they provide wine gift deliveries. In the United Kingdom, some wine connoisseurs have brilliant suggestions on what to choose for your celebration.

Wines for Weddings

Unless everyone involved in the wedding toast is a wine connoisseur, it would be useless to spend a good amount of money on costly wine with a unique vintage. Instead, go for affordable vintages bottles that are widely appreciated and enjoyed.

For wine toasts, make sure to get as much for everyone. If you are on a tight budget, choose an affordable wine like Prosecco rather than Champagne. If you want to buy something more expensive, you should know the distinct features, character, and taste of the wine. Ask an expert what you should look for, and consider what dishes you intend to serve on that day.

If you think your guests are not picky, you can buy boxed wine. Though some are affordable, they can be of low quality. But you can ask the wait staff to serve it in glasses to your guests, so they would not see the bottle.

If you have some to spend on a good vintage, buy a big bottle and let the wait staff serve it to your guests so they can see the name and the year. But only let the staff pour the second glass upon request. You want everyone to enjoy a good bottle, so make sure that every guest gets a taste.

One or Two?

Bottles of wine

If the bride and groom have different ideas on which wine to serve, there is no need to fret. You could serve two types of wine, red or white, sparkling wine or Champagne, or even a more expensive one for the toast and a cheaper alternative for the reception.

Consider the season and the time of the wedding, as an evening wedding would require a different beverage for a morning celebration. Spring or summer weddings might suit a wine with lighter notes, while a fall or winter celebration would need a darker or heavier vintage.

Finally, you can buy a wine package that would offer different choices to match the taste and preferences of your guests. You could offer three to five different wine choices, and it’s up tp them to choose from a drinks list.

But if all of these don’t seem to work for you, go for the basic champagne or sparkling wine that would make the celebration glamorous and fabulous. When it comes to celebrations like weddings, it is all about the couple who says the “I dos”, after all!

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