Bed between ladder and plant in green boho bedroom interior with grey carpet under lamps

Interior Design 101: What You Should NOT Do in Your Bedroom

Designing a bedroom is exciting and daunting at the same time. When you are designing or remodeling your bedroom, it is immensely crucial to figure out how the design, storage and space could help craft a tranquil, calm-inducing and relaxing retreat.

Before planning, however, get to know some of the most common bedroom design blunders, so you can learn how you can avoid making them.

The Space Just Doesn’t Have That ‘Flow’

If you share a bedroom with someone, you’re undoubtedly aware of the areas that get the most traffic. If you continuously find yourselves bumping into things or each other, you need to really rethink your bedroom’s flow.

To start, figure out how the walkways flow around your room and how you can make sure that these remain obstructed and free of clutter. For example, you might decide to take a few furnishings or replace the doors of your closet with sliding doors.

The Bed is Too Huge

A massive bed certainly gives off that luxurious and cozy vibe. But you need to make absolutely sure that you know how much space that gigantic bed you ordered from your local mattress store here in Utah will take up.

If you are constantly colliding with the bedframe and collecting bruises here and there, you have to really consider how big your bed is. The areas on either side of your bed must be comfortable and spacious enough to walk in without walking sideways.

This applies to the space at the end of your bed as well. Put simply; be practical by choosing the biggest bed that can comfortably fit in your bedroom.

There’s Not Enough Storage for Clothes, etc.

dresses and blouse hanged on closet rack

That lovely midcentury-style armoire may be perfect for your bedroom, but are you 100% certain that it can fit everything you want to store inside it? Before making an impulsive and pricey purchase, you should calculate the space of the stuff you have to store.

Get out a tape measure to measure the space you will need, and only then you can brainstorm about potential storage solutions.

Lack of Plug Sockets

The classic double socket near-the-bed layout might have worked for people before. But it has now become a bane for most people who need to plug in more than two devices at a time and don’t like the cluttered look of tangled wires.

That said, write down all of the devices that you know you’ll be charging near your bed regularly so you’ll have sufficient sockets for them.

The Lighting is Off

Most bedrooms have just one primary light in the ceiling, but any bedroom can benefit from lamps, some hidden LEDs, recessed lighting, or wall lights. When going for wall lamps, keep in mind that you would need to incorporate them into your plans because you can’t find wall lamps that you can’t just plug into a socket.

There are many different options when styling a bedroom that it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track. But now that you’re aware of the many things can go wrong when designing a bedroom, you can now go ahead and make your own plans so you can avoid making them.

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