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Foundation Repair in Salt Lake City May Cost $6.8 Per Square Foot

Homeowners in Salt Lake City should expect to spend between $3,500 and $4,600 on professional foundation repair. You can tell if there is a problem with the foundation by checking the drywall for cracks, or there are uneven and misaligned slopes on the floor.

Contact a professional as soon as possible, especially if you want a minimally invasive approach to repairs. Even if cracks appear as thin as a hairline, you should still hire an inspector to rule out underlying problems beneath the surface.

When are Repairs More Practical?

The cost of repairs shouldn’t be more than 50% of the price new foundation construction here in Salt Lake City. You may have to spend from $4 per square foot to $7 per square foot for building a new foundation. The actual price will vary based on the type of material.

For instance, concrete slab costs less than other alternative materials of foundations. The cost of labor and the use of additional equipment will also affect the overall price.

Should You Replace it Instead?

The national average for building a new foundation costs around $8,070 this year, but it’s possible to spend more than $12,000 on this project. In other words, you should consider replacing the old one if you’ll spend more than $4,600 on repairs in Salt Lake City.

A foundation made of concrete slabs, particularly the monolithic type can cost between $4,500 and $12,000. Stem walls, or poured concrete slabs with reinforced support, may cost from $7,000 to $21,000. These are more expensive due to additional work such as footings and rebar-reinforced concrete.

If your house has a pier-and-beam foundation, the usual price for replacing it may cost at least $8,000 based on the average rate of $5 per square foot. Once you decide on whether to repair or replace it, the project may require an inspection by a structural engineer.

Cost of Inspection

inspection for your homes foundation

Most homeowners in Salt Lake City spend approximately $1,425 on a professional foundation inspection. You can try to look for contractors outside the city, although average prices in Salt Lake County range between $1,050 and $1,800.

Take note that hiring a general contractor may increase the total bill by up to $214, which is an additional fee charged by the company. Homebuyers typically hire foundation inspectors more often than homeowners, but the latter should still consider a scheduled service even when they don’t plan to sell their properties.

Professional repairs to a home’s foundation may increase its value by more than $3,000. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor, and it’s even better if they offer a service warranty.

You can spend around $3,000 on foundation repairs, but you should avoid contractors who charge a cheaper rate. If you can’t decide whether to repair or replace the foundation, you should ask for advice from at least three different contractors.

It’s easier to decide based on an expert’s advice. If possible, hire a company that specializes in providing concrete footings and retaining walls to residential customers.

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