Clean Your Home for a Healthier You

A clean house is a comfortable house. There’s a sense of comfort and freedom that you can only feel in a well-organized space that’s clean and tidy. A messy house isn’t just bad for being disorganized and messy; it also affects you on a more physical level.

A Clean House Leads to a Healthier You

Having a cluttered and disorganized domicile makes you feel more busy- you’re always reminded that you have a lot of work to do and your eyes are overstimulated with all the things lying about. This can lead to fatigue and high levels of stress, risking you to stress-induced illnesses. If you’re also prone to allergies and asthma, a messy house is not a place to be in.

Our everyday items can house dust mites, mold, dust bunnies, and dander or dandruff that can lead to an allergic reaction and decreases the quality of the air you breathe. The last thing you want is to suddenly need to visit a dermatologist because you find itches and rashes all over. Keeping your house clean is significantly related to your health, and maintaining both the cleanliness of your house and your health is paramount.

Cleaning can be an arduous task, but it’s part of our responsibilities as adults. Here are some ways you can lessen the load and make cleaning easier and more efficient:

Pick Up the Clutter and Baubles

One way to make cleaning less of a day-long task is to pick up the clutter around you beforehand. Schedule your general cleaning, but slowly begin the process a few days before. You can start by slowly picking up any items and baubles lying about. We all have those, things that we don’t need but are placed out in the open. They add to the overall mess around the house and can limit your movement, especially when you’re cleaning.

While you’re picking up the clutter, decide whether they’re still useful or not as you’d be surprised with the number of things you might have but not really use. At this point, you can either opt to resell them or donate them.

Gather All the Tool You Need

Cleaning requires tools, and it’s best to have all the tools necessary before starting if you don’t your cleaning cut early. Having them nearby also means you won’t have to walk back and forth just to get the next tool. Ideally, they can be placed in a bucket you can bring along. Your tools should include gloves, a mask, brushes and sponges, cleaning agents, and perhaps eye protection.

Make a Cleaning Strategy


Having a plan goes a long way, and that includes cleaning. It’s best to make a strategy on how to approach cleaning your house, as it will make everything easier. Begin by ‘clustering’ the parts of your home to clean instead of cleaning everything at once. This method ensures that you’ll finish cleaning a part of the house at the end of the day, making you feel accomplished and motivated because you’ll have a visual representation of your efforts.

You can start cleaning by order of use; clean the areas commonly used first. This is most often the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The living room is usually a relatively easy clean and is a good place to start. The kitchen is second, as it’s probably cleaned the most often. The bedroom can be deceptive, it might look easy to clean but needs serious attention once you’re on it.

Do the Dusting First

Your first order of business should be dusting every nook and cranny of the room. It’s best to use a duster and a vacuum cleaner, as a duster will get to the hard to reach places and the vacuum will scoop the dust up. It’s imperative to wear protective equipment as well, as the dust can get to your nose and eyes, causing irritation or allergies. It’s best to turn off all kinds of fans as they can spread the dust all over. Be sure to use a dry cloth or duster as well, since using damp cleaning materials can make removing the dust more difficult.

Clean With Lemon

You’d be surprised by the cleaning power of lemon. Not only do they smell nice, but they also have natural cleaning agents that can help disinfect and keeps your house germ-free. Not only do they disinfect, but they’re also great-smelling, making your house look and smell clean. You can spray them on surfaces with a strong stench, as the lemon will neutralize the smell.

You can also mix lemon with salt and use it to clean brass and copper- just make sure they’re not antiques. Lemons have a wide variety of uses, and you can use them on just about anything. Of course, just make sure that you check first before using lemon to clean an old wood drawer.

There are so many benefits to keeping your space clean. Keep these things in mind so that you can live in a healthy and safe environment.

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