What are the Things Young Couples Want in Their Wedding?

The things that this generation wants at their weddings are pretty different from those of the previous generation. Gone are the days where weddings were super traditional, now this generation has found ways to liven things up. It is either the most intimate wedding or the most prominent wedding. There is no in-between.

Here are ten things that this generation would want to have during their wedding:

1. Trend

It’s easy to look things up on the internet, such as finding the current trend. A lot of the millennials want to have a wedding that is in trend with society. A lot of themes are popular these days, so there are many to choose from.

There are many ways to incorporate a style into a wedding. It could be unique wedding colors; it could be the season in which the couple gets married or style insights from online sources, or even a particular theme. Once the couple has decided on a theme, it’s much simpler to implement selections, and everything would seem to flow together more naturally as a result.

2. Personalized

Keeping up with the trend is not the only thing that millennials are fond of, however. Despite wanting to have a wedding that keeps up with the prevalent themes in society, millennials still prefer to have that unique touch, such as having personalized invitations.

3. Atypical venues

Compared to the typical wedding venues of the past, such as the church or chapel, couples in this time and age prefer getting married in unconventional places. Examples of atypical wedding venues are private islands, open farms, gardens, and private beach resorts.

Deciding on where to hold the wedding is one of the most critical decisions couples make right now. The location impacts almost everything else, from the guests you invite to the type of décor placed on the venue. Likely, this is also the most considerable expense couples ever put down in a single transaction.

4. Unique reception event

It’s common knowledge that each couple would want to be set apart from other couples during their wedding. Millennials would like their wedding to be different from the rest. One way to do this is to create one special event during their reception. It can be a special dance surprise by the groom for the bride, for example.

5. First dance

Millennials are not entirely fond of ordinary things, including the first dance between the bride and the groom. In this day and age, the slowly becoming more and more popular trend has lively dance routines. Gone are the days where slow waltz is in.

6. 2nd look for the bride

It’s becoming common practice for brides to have two looks during their wedding day; one for the actual ceremony and another for the reception. This generation, however, is becoming much more creative in this field. Instead of just changing their hairstyle and gown, some change their overall style from princess bride to rock princess. They incorporate their elegant designer wedding gowns with a little bit of spice and edge.

7. One-of-a-kind tokens

Another thing that millennials want in their weddings is personalized tokens. These gifts for their guests can range from environmentally-friendly goods to handmade pottery.

8. Prenuptial shoots

We cannot talk about weddings without the photos. Millennial couples love to make their mark. A lot of prenuptial shoots are very creative such as having themes and atypical poses.

9. Wedding videos

Having a video to document their special day is also one must-have for millennials. It’s a great souvenir for the couple to look back and reminisce about the sweet experience.

10. Stress-free environment

Aside from the visible things, another thing that millennials would want during their wedding day is not to be stressed. It’s a special day, so it should be filled with excitement and joy, not stress and worries.

11. Loved ones

The last but not the minor thing couples want to have at their wedding is their loved ones. A wedding would never be complete without the people that mean the most to the couple.

The wedding should be for two people as a husband and wife, not about everybody else. Don’t incorporate some aspects of customs in the wedding if they make the couple feel uncomfortable. Traditions are excellent, but simply when they are essential to the couple. 

This generation is very in touch with what they want. Gone are the days wherein the in-laws are the one’s taking charge of everything. Now, couples are more hands-on with the planning from the start to the end.

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