Hacks for a Romantic and Whimsical Engagement Shoot

There is nothing like getting married in the middle of a global crisis. It’s like you and your partner tell the world that nothing will get in the way of you two taking this next step together. No matter the odds and challenges, you two are in it for the long haul. What could be more romantic than that?

But we also can’t deny that planning a wedding from beginning to end presents a host of challenges when doing it in COVID-19. If you and your fiance are planning on doing an engagement shoot but don’t know where to start, here are some romantic and stunning shoot ideas and themes you can explore.

The backdrop is half the battle

If you and your partner can find a location with a breathtaking landscape, then that’s already half the battle. Whether you’re doing it by the beach or on a mountaintop, you can rest assured that your photographer can handle the rest. If you and your betrothed both love the great outdoors, hiking up a mountain or going on a romantic stroll by the ocean might be for you. Just make sure to play with light—golden hour looks wonderful on photos and videos. And after golden hour comes the blue hour or twilight, where surroundings are bluer due to Rayleigh scattering.

At the same time, doing the shoot outdoors might be safer for you and your photoshoot team.

Center it around a theme

While overly-themed photoshoots were a bit last season, you and your fiance can still play with specific concepts and do them in more subtle and elegant ways. Here are some examples of themes you can play with:

  • Neon lights and signs. Look for a bar with excellent interiors and different neon lights and signs, and you can be sure to get a stunning photo set that not all couples can achieve. Think Riverdale, but instead of Archie and Betty, it’s you and the love of your life.
  • Go to an amusement park. If you and your partner have a very childlike disposition, love having fun, and act like young kids in love together, a shoot at the amusement park might be a cute way to commemorate your betrothal.
  • If you and your partner love dressing up, then why not go full glam? Wearing suits or Oscar-worthy dresses might be just the thing to wow your families and friends and to announce your engagement. It could also work extremely well if you and your partner are not the types to dress up often, so there will be a shock factor when the people who know you peep the photos for the first time.


The devil is in the details

Don’t forget to take photos centered around the engagement ring because that’s the first thing people will be curious about when they first find out you got engaged. Here are some ideas to get some unforgettable shots of the ring:

  • Go for the classic kissing-behind-the-hand-wearing-the-ring shot. Your photographer will know exactly where to focus so that the romance and mystery remain while you show off your new diamond.
  • Place the ring on the sand and position yourselves in a way that allows the ring to frame you together. This idea will look most suitable on the beach, with the sun setting behind you and your fiance.
  • Hang the ring somewhere unexpected, like a ribbon or some string lights, or even on a thin vine in the woods. Another idea is hanging it on a red string, which came from the Japanese concept of fate. A braided diamond engagement ring will look amazing in these shots because the braid on the band is reminiscent of two lives coming together and never breaking apart because destiny wills it so.

Maximize the season

Whatever season you plan on holding your engagement shoot, make sure to capitalize on that season’s unique features. Hire photographers whose specific aesthetic matches the colors of the season: Find photographers who use bright and vibrant colors for summer, those who are more moody and cinematic for autumn, and so forth. Go ham on the season’s most distinct characteristic and use props and locations that match it.

Have fun and be natural

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to have fun. How you’re feeling on the day will translate to your photos, and if you feel self-conscious, it will definitely show on the finished product. Trust your partner and your photographer, and you will never go wrong. Good luck and best wishes on your new chapter!

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