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Wedding Accessories You Should Have to Complete Your Bridal Look

Wedding planning involves a lot of work: there’s the venue, cake tasting, and deciding which dress to really go with. Once you’re done with all of these decisions, the next big step is to determine which accessories will complete your entire bridal look.

Overwhelmed with all the available options when it comes to wedding dresses? Wait until you finally see all the choices you have for bridal jewelry pieces. Whether you’re into the minimal look, the full-on glam, or simply want your wedding dress to be the central piece of your bridal look, you have a long list of options and directions to take.

Think of it as your art direction with your dress as the canvas.

The perfect bridal jewelry

Two of the must-have bridal accessories you need to put on your big day are your engagement ring and wedding bands for women for your Washington wedding. However, if you’re thinking about adding other pieces, you need to look for items that will complement your chosen wedding dress.

If you have a strapless neckline, look for a statement that will draw the attention to this part of your dress. If you have a detailed illusion neckline, you may want to skip on this and focus on other jewelry pieces as well. If you’re going to keep it safe, the best piece of advice to follow is to not go overboard with jewelry pieces.

Most of the time, all you’ll need are one or two pieces to make your full bridal look genuinely memorable.

The right wedding shoes

Before your first wedding dress fitting, it’s crucial to decide on what wedding shoes you’ll have so you can get your gown hemmed perfectly. Are you thinking about wearing some comfy flats or some sexy sky-high heels?

Comfort is a very important factor when choosing the right wedding shoes, but you also have to consider the venue and the style. For instance, if your wedding is going to be outdoors – whether it’s garden with grass or a beach with all the sands – stiletto heels shouldn’t be your choice.

Flats, sandals, and wedges could actually work as wedding shoes, no matter how unconventional that may be.

The appropriate hair accessories

Bridal Make up and Hair Style

There are many ways you can wear your hair on your wedding day, depending on the length – up, down, or even in between if you can’t decide. The perfect wedding hairstyle won’t be complete without some elegant hair accessories.

Many brides choose to go with a traditional veil – a mid-length fingertip veil, the halo veil, a couture birdcage veil, dramatically long cathedral-length veil, or even one with glam embellishments. While a very common choice, veils aren’t exactly a must if you want to look and feel bridal on your special day.

If you want to skip the veil, there are other options available for you. Be that blushing, natural bride with some flowers as your hair accessories. If you’re a music fan, bring a touch of Coachella into your wedding with some fun boho-chic flower crown.

You can either go with some fresh flowers or fake ones if you’re worried about them wilting.

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