How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

Getting married is an incredible feeling, and having the wedding happen in the couple's dream place with a great theme is a memory they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Wedding venue laws in England and Wales may possibly change, meaning couples may be allowed to get married in outdoor open-air venues soon. The current law states that getting married outdoors will have to follow through with a separate legal ceremony at the registry office.

But meanwhile, there are affordable wedding venues in Kent that are situated in areas where beautiful gardens and picturesque scenery are easily accessible, while still having a roof and indoor facilities that are required for a legal wedding ceremony.

That said, here's how to find the perfect al fresco location for your wedding:

Visualize Your Wedding Design

Consulting with an event stylist or a wedding planner to make your dream wedding concept come to life should be on top of your checklist. They most likely have more familiarity with venue spaces, services, and capacities. 

Wedding planners also help their clients with budget concerns. Depending on your budget, they can lay out several options for you to choose from while making the most of your money's worth.

Outdoor wedding reception

Entrusting your wedding vision to your planner will also guarantee that it will be achieved successfully. A wedding planner's goal is to have the client's vision come to life with every detail, and according to Claire Weller and Susan Cordogan of Big City Bride, who are wedding planners themselves, they fight for their client's vision from start to end, until the last minute. Wedding planners can find solutions to problems that may hinder your outdoor wedding.

Assess Accessibility

Some couples choose to marry in a venue where most of their friends and family can easily access, like the city or town they grew up in. Others have the dream of getting married somewhere farther that's not within their territory.

Before making a choice, find out the pros and cons of having a destination wedding. First, your guests may not be complete, and even some family members may not be able to make it. Think carefully if you're going to be comfortable enough with this possibility. 

However, if you have already decided on pushing through, have your wedding planner assist you with preparations. With a destination wedding, chances are you may not face your vendors in person, and even if the venue offers an in-house planner, you'll still be at an advantage with your own. In-house wedding planners oversee a lot of weddings every weekend, so by having your own planner, you could be more secure that all your wedding plans will be taken care of in coordinated fashion, even if the venue is miles away.

Find Out the Venue's Capabilities

Rustic wedding arch design

Conduct an ocular visit at your venue options to see if something fits your vision. Consider the number of guests and your wedding theme. For outdoor venues, you'd want to be sure that it can accommodate your visualized concept and program. It should have natural elements that align with your vision, such as parks, ranches, barns, lawns, etc. 

Since outdoor weddings in England are so far only allowed in roofed places like gazebos and summerhouses, you'd need to choose a location with this facility. However, more outdoor venue options will be open for you if you decide to push through without the legal requirements. Whether your choice is to adhere to the law or follow through with a separate legal ceremony, it's totally up to you.

Consider if the venue has enough parking space, catering services, and room for a dance floor. Privacy may not be secure on a public venue, but in outdoor places situated in private estates, it is attainable. Most importantly, be sure that your chosen venue is licensed.

Following all of these tips, you'd be more sure of having a spectacular wedding. Establish effective communication between you and your planner to make all arrangements work. Match your visions and desires with your fiance's to arrive at an agreement where you'll both be equally satisfied. After everything, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it's only best and wise to have a wedding that will give you and your fiance the best memories to take on a lifetime.

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