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Senior Living Care: When it’s Time to Bring Your Aging Parents

Anyone who possesses a small ounce of love in their hearts will face a difficult task of putting their parents in a retirement home. Putting your parents in a retirement home is the last resort when they’ve gotten old and can’t take care of themselves anymore. You can push this further, but the time will come that you have to bring them there because you’re not able to care for them any longer.

Bringing your parents to senior living facilities in Ogden or anywhere in the state is the most sensible thing you can do. They will be well taken care of because there are nurses and caregivers there. They have the opportunity to mingle with other elders and their medical needs will also be attended to.

Here are the signs it’s time to bring them to a senior living facility:

Their Outlook and Attitude

People with dementia can be physically violent. They can also develop sexual aggression. This can cause anxiety within the family because your parent who used to be so loving and jolly has changed. Some aren’t able to understand this situation. By bringing them to an assisted living facility, you prevent the strain it can bring to your family.

You’re prone to a lot of stress when you are the caregiver to your parents. People with dementia require a lot of care and attention that you may not be able to give. Senior living facility staff knows what they’re doing. They’re more knowledgeable because they underwent training and have experience. This means they can take care of your parents better.

Ask yourself if the care your parents require is beyond your physical abilities. This is because some elders are either heavy or they become violent because of dementia and other illnesses. This is not to say that you don’t care for your parents, but when caring for them becomes threatening for you too, then it’s a sign.

Changes in Personality and Abilities

Young carer walking with the elderly woman in the parkPeople who have dementia can no longer care for themselves. Living alone is unsafe for them. They can hurt themselves so bringing them to an assisted living facility ensures that they’re safe 24/7.

Your parents can experience Sundowners syndrome. This is when they become agitated when night time comes. This is common in people with dementia. The disadvantage of this in families is that the parents are always awake at night. This can disrupt the sleeping patterns of other family members in the house. You should consider bringing them to senior living facilities if you’re seeing these signs.

Another thing to watch out for is wandering. If your parents are in the later stage of dementia, they’re prone to wandering. It’s hard to leave them alone because they might fall and get injuries. With assisted living, you’re assured that someone is always watching them.

Medical Conditions and Other Issues

The sad part is, your parents are likely to develop more chronic problems as they get older. They’ll have a hard time caring for themselves in these situations. Aside from that, they constantly need medical supervision. There are doctors in a senior living home. These doctors are always available to check out your parents when they’re not feeling well.

Lastly, seniors can feel isolated when they live alone. This leads to depression, addiction, and death. They lose interest in activities that were once appealing to them. That’s why you should put them in senior living because they can mingle with other seniors. There’s also a chance that the staff is young so they will enjoy chatting with them.

Bringing your parents to assisted living is a difficult decision to make. You need to have a strong and courageous heart to do it. Remember that you’re doing this, first, for their benefit. Remind them that nothing’s changed and you still love them. Visit when you can so they know that didn’t forget about them.

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