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Upgrading Your Garden? Here Are Some Things to Consider

2021 is the year of gardens for both residential and commercial properties. Homeowners benefit from cleaner air and a better outdoor experience, while business owners profit from an improved brand image. In both respects, the environment heals from this effort, and small animals can reclaim their habitats.

That said, planning the ideal garden takes a lot of research. It’s not just about deciding which flowers and trees look good on your property. You have to consider their life cycles and how much it would cost to install and maintain them. What theme will complement your home, and what choices will reflect your brand? To get you started, here are five of the top considerations you need to make.

Mind the Setting

Purchasing plants before assessing your setting is one of the worst decisions you can make. Not every plant can thrive in your property’s soil type, and the climate in your region can wither certain species regardless of how well you water and prune them. This is why many owners buy new soil or cultivate their existing one before starting their garden renovation.

If this isn’t something you feel you can DIY, seek the help of a professional. You can inquire the shop owners where you intend to buy plants or hire a gardener who can give you a good idea about the environment in your garden. There might also be work that needs to be done to properly uproot stubborn growths, especially if they are crowding your space and stifling the other plants.

Mind Their Size

This is another aspect that homeowners tend to neglect or underrate. The potted plants that you transfer to the ground can usually grow bigger than you expect, which then comprises the overall design of your garden. Oftentimes, when you cannot give them the care they need, they’ll start to compete for the nutrition in the soil. You’ll start to notice that the growth of your smaller plants is stunted while the bigger plants keep taking up more space.

This is particularly true if you have trees in your garden. Once they reach the peak of their maturity, their roots can penetrate your home or store’s foundation and cause a loss of structural integrity. The same is true for their branches, as they could go over to the neighboring property or crowd your roof.

In case you do want big trees in your garden for shade during Utah’s hottest months, make sure to keep up with your tree trimming plans. You can take advantage of specific services to make the maintenance work simpler and more efficient.

Mind Possible Heat Stress

Not all plants love sunlight. They flourish when they receive adequate amounts of it, but too much exposure can cause heat stress.

Apart from putting trees in your garden, you’ll also want to consider installing shade for your other plants. This will make it easier to control how much sunlight they receive, especially during summer. If this isn’t possible for you, select plants that thrive even when exposed to the sun for hours on end. There are many drought-friendly species you can work with that are pleasing to look at.

Mind Their Blooming Season

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Unfortunately, flowers don’t bloom all year long. They usually have seasons of full bloom wherein they’re at their most beautiful, after which they rest, and new buds grow. If you don’t want your garden to have dull months, keep a plant calendar. Choose flowers that bloom for each season and be strategic in your placement of them. This way, there will always be flowers in your garden to enhance its appeal.

Mind the Maintenance Cost

Be as realistic as possible about the effort and money you can spare for your garden. Some plants are more work than others, especially if they are susceptible to parasites and diseases. Research your choices as best as you can to know how much work will go into keeping them alive. Would you need a sprinkler to meet the daily water requirement of your plants? How often should you fertilize the soil, and what do you do about the pests that eat your plants? Knowing the amount of work that goes into their care will give you the right expectations when choosing plants for your garden.

A Great Investment

Done right, your garden refurbishment should give you the advantage of a better property without the additional headache. It’s a fine way to improve your family’s lifestyle by encouraging more time outdoors and enhancing your brand appeal by making your sustainable efforts more apparent.

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