Staycation in Your Backyard? Here Are Features Worth Investing In

Vacationing the way you used to may not be practical yet due to safety reasons. Even with the vaccines available to lighten the pandemic’s burden, the rest of the world is still recovering from its effects. Tourist spots may suddenly close down due to a spike in infection rates, and popular destinations might still be unable to accommodate guests to their full capacity. As such, it’s important to find solutions that are not only safer for now but also great investments in your time, money, and effort.

What better way to staycation exactly the way you want to than by transforming your backyard, right? Granted, not everyone has backyards that can fit every amenity you’re looking for. The good news is that there are ways to make it feel staycation-worthy to guarantee a good time.

A Swimming Pool is a Must

Nothing makes a place feel like a resort better than a swimming pool. This is a non-negotiable, especially if you live in places with hot weather like Provo and Park City. This warrants an immediate search for a swimming pool builder. You can make it as minimalist or as maximalist as you want to, depending on your family’s preferences. Do the kids want slides? Purchase one.

Do you want to install lights to create a soothing ambiance at night? That could accentuate the rest of the amenities you plan to install. In addition to that, pools promote activity and help you recover from the sedentary lifestyle you developed during your work-from-home and distance schooling setup. However, the best part is that it instantly improves any plans you have to sell your home or to profit from it in other ways. If it’s AirBnB-worthy, why not, right?

So is Outdoor Dining

It won’t feel like you’re in your favorite resort if there’s no fancy place to dine, right? Get your backyard outfitted with an outdoor kitchen and dining set. It sounds fancy, but there are a lot of affordable ways to do this. You can opt for a high-quality grill or oven instead of a full kitchen set and complement it with matching tables and chairs. Ensure that they are actually suitable for outdoor weather so that the elements won’t cause them to wear too soon. You can also opt for foldable ones so that you have the option to keep them indoors.

If you have a small backyard, make sure that you’re setting up your oven or grill at the farthest possible point from the house to prevent anything from catching fire.

family sitting by the pool

You’ll Want to Watch a Movie

Drive-in theaters are gaining popularity again due to the need for social distancing. Fortunately, setting up your own is easier with the variety of gadgets available in the market today. Your biggest (but not necessarily expensive) investment would have to be a white screen, a projector, and speakers. The most challenging aspect would be sorting the wires and setting them up, but if you can go wireless, then do so. It makes it easier to bring them in and leave the backyard clutter-free when it’s not being used.

Do you need more chairs for this? Not really. Just take out a couple of comfortable outdoor rugs and pillows, and you’re good to go.

Shade is Always Welcome

There are things you’ll want to set up and things you’ll want to remain fixed in the backyard. For the safety of the latter, a patio cover is essential. There are numerous ways to install one that suits the aesthetic you’re going for. A quick look at the market might even inspire you to give your backyard that resort-like feeling. Just make sure that this is something you plan early on because working around other fixed amenities might be difficult or even impossible.

A Fire Pit for the Cold

Regardless if you live in a place that experiences winter, you are sure to enjoy a fire pit. It’s for cold nights good for hot drinks, warm blankets, and stargazing. You’ll appreciate this amenity, especially if you’re a big fan of the great outdoors and you miss your usual excursions. For now, getting a taste of your favorite camping ground in the comfort of your backyard should suffice.

Go for What Makes You Happy

It’s your backyard, and it’s your staycation. Add whichever amenity you feel will improve your experience and be as subtle or dramatic as you want. Who knows? Once the pandemic is over, you might find yourself vacationing more in your backyard with your friends and family.

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