Kick-start a Minimalist Lifestyle in Your Home

Lifestyle trends are not only passing fancies. Most people follow a particular trend because it translates to a happier life for them. By adhering to it, they reap its benefits. These advantages manifest in their home, work, relationships, and general disposition.

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that has gained more attention for the past few years. Some criticize it, while some swear by its value. In its purest sense, minimalism is an intentional way of living with only the things you need. This is not deprivation nor promoting poverty. If you are starting to look in this direction, a good place to start practicing minimalism is at your home. You can try these simple things to kick-start your minimalist lifestyle.

Go Back to Square One

A minimalist lifestyle means living with less. Some people start with a minimalist lifestyle from the onset of buying their homes. They get to decide what items to bring into their house. But, for some, they might discover minimalism later in life. The obvious solution is to pare down.

Decluttering and removing items that do not serve a purpose is the first step to minimalism. Check broken furniture or worn-out items that are only taking unnecessary space. You may avail of roll-off bins to remove all these things from your home.

Decluttering the small stuff might take more time than the bigger ones. You cannot do it all at once. Instead, set a schedule to look at these smaller items room by room.

Define Your Terms

Before immersing yourself in a minimalist lifestyle, you have to come to terms that suit you. Minimalism does not have a one-size-fits-all formula. You can make your own rules and change them as you go. This is as long as it adheres to the basic principle of keeping only the things you need.

So you must ask yourself what area of minimalism you would practice. Would you focus on having only a hundred articles of clothing in your closet? You could also practice minimalism by transferring to a smaller home. Some even go to the extent of embracing the RV life. Some minimalists focus on the clean and simple design of their homes. Other minimalists practice habits like reducing food waste or not having duplicate items. Being clear on your terms would keep frustrations at bay.

Cultivate a Minimalist Mindset


Minimalism is not about tangible things per se. It is the freedom from the desire to accumulate more. It is also being clear about your values and priorities. Have a clear perspective of what is important to you. Then, you would not have to compensate by buying more and more. Simple living means you know your boundaries. You honor these boundaries by not cluttering your time and your space.

Others say that the core of minimalism is not in removing but in adding. A person should not focus on what they need to let go of. Instead, they should look at what they would gain. Some of these are more time, more space, and more energy. One does not have to bear with an overcrowded house nor with an overloaded schedule.

Minimalism must not be a question of the number of things you own. Minimalism should be about what you believe. When you have the right mindset, everything else will follow. On the flip side, when you have a fickle mindset, you would find yourself reverting to getting more things. It would be a limbo between buying and paring down, and you might get tired of the process.

Set Strategies that You Would Use

As you go along your journey to a minimalist lifestyle, test techniques that would work best for you. Here are some famous examples.

Live with Less

This is as simple as it sounds. Be intentional about what you would buy. Avoid having too many of one kind. Think if there is a real need for an item before you decide to buy it.

Think of Multifunctional Pieces

An excellent minimalist approach is being clever with the items you purchase. Go for things that serve dual or multi-purpose. For example, you can look at an air fryer that can steam, bake, roast, fry, and saute. Sofa beds are also an excellent example of multifunctional furniture. By buying things that serve many purposes, you could save on space and even with time.

Say No

Minimalism is not only about material things but extends to intangible elements. One way to practice a minimalist lifestyle is to space your activities well. Your goal should be to have quality time with your loved ones or have some well-deserved rest. Thus, you do not have to say yes to every task at work nor every social gathering.

Immersing yourself in a minimalist lifestyle has immense benefits. It could ease stress and make you happier. You only need to know how to do it right. Be careful of practicing a fad or superficial minimalism.

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