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Three Ways to Make Wallpapers Work on Your Bedroom Walls

Some people think that wallpapers are a thing of the past. But, if you know how to fully utilize this material, it can be a truly interesting focal piece of any room. Wallpapers shouldn’t just be randomly stuck on walls just to make these blank canvases, especially in new homes in Townsville, look more alive. Instead, these should be considered a major point of any home interior design.

One area at home that can benefit from a carefully chosen wallpaper is your bedroom. So, here are some ways to effectively incorporate wallpapers into your .

Pick a colour palette and work around it

Choose a wallpaper design you love and use it as the colour palette for your entire bedroom design project. Once you’ve chosen the right colours, build the rest of the room, such as the furniture pieces and other accent pieces, around it. For example, if you’ve chosen a wallpaper with a monochromatic palette, major bedroom pieces such as your beddings, throw pillows, and blankets within the same colour shade creating a cohesive look. More than the shade, the size of the pattern is actually more important since it’s the first that catches attention. Make sure it’s proportionate to the overall size of your room. Small rooms should have smaller patterns to make them look bigger and vice versa.

Bedroom Walls

Create an accent wall instead of splashing the wallpapers all over

Wallpapers are considered to be huge style statements. So, if you’ve chosen this as a design piece, it’s perfect for creating accent walls. These are meant to catch the attention of anyone who walks in, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go with a bolder colour with the biggest patterns. After all, it’s only going to be one portion of the walls, so don’t think twice and go all out. But, while you’re free to choose the colours and patterns, the placement of your wallpaper is something you should consider carefully. Because it’s meant to draw the eye, the accent wall should be able to direct the focus to the focal point of your bedroom. In many cases, this is usually the head of the bed.

Create a makeshift headboard depending on your chosen aesthetics

Furniture pieces can be very expensive, and this is something every homeowner knows. So, if investing in a high-quality headboard isn’t on your list at present, wallpapers can work as an excellent, cost-effective alternative. Not only are they more affordable than an actual headboard, but they can also match any aesthetic tastes. To make this work, getting the right size should be a priority. Measure out the wallpaper and make sure it’s slightly bigger than your bed’s width. The safest route is to leave at least two to three inches of the border on either side. Then, carefully place the wallpaper and make sure it’s smooth and has no pockmarks. This DIY option can also work even if you’re simply renting your current space. Just pick up a removable wallpaper for this project.

In this day and age of minimalism, wallpapers seem like novelty. But, if used right, it can provide a big design compliment without costing so much.

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