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The Most Overlooked Areas of Your Home

Your house is a witness to your family’s history. It has been there, and it will be there, for the momentous events in your life– from birthdays to anniversaries, from graduations to job promotions. You spend different holidays with it and in it. You’ve decorated it with pumpkins, put up the tree and garlands inside, placed streamers on its wall for festivities of your own. On mundane days, it is your shelter against the harsh weather, the place you come home to after a long, exhausting day.

Nostalgia aside, your house is an investment. It is the physical manifestation of years of hard work and the money you acquired as a result. After spending a lot of dollars to purchase it, it’s only right to make sure it remains efficient in providing a safe space for your family. Your house is continuously challenged by the ever-changing weather—literally and figuratively. Taking care of it is similar to preserving family memories.

Some people enjoy home maintenance while others don’t. Keep in mind that safeguarding the quality of your home is beyond a hobby. It’s a necessity. And as much as it can be a D-I-Y project, know when to leave the work to the professionals. Here are the four most overlooked areas in your home that need to be maintained regularly:

The gutter

No one wants to pull out the leaves from the gutter. Unfortunately, it’s a task that requires at least twice-a-year attention. The downside is this: ladder-use can be dangerous. It caused 580,000 injuries to Americans in 2018, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, it’s a job that must be done to protect your roof and its foundation from rainwater.

If you’re not much into cleaning, ask a professional to install a leaf gutter protection. Doing so will cause any form of dirt, such as leaves and debris, to fall to the ground. Saves you the time for maintenance and repair.

The chimney

Cleaning the chimneyA chimney doesn’t solely pertain to the one connected to your fireplace where Santa comes down during Christmas. If you have a heating system, chances are, it comes with a chimney where dangerous gases are released out of your house. Even if the chimney is only used during winter, it should be cleaned and inspected regularly according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

The garden

Your garden has different needs depending on the season. One thing that should remain consistent is its neatness. Your garden can make or break the entire look of your home. It is the area in which visitors can instantly get an idea on what to expect from the inside, the only part of your home in that’s available to the eyes of neighbors and strangers. Daily maintenance, especially during summer, is essential. Mown the lawn, water the garden, trim the bushes, and install a sprinkler. Choose all, or two, and let the gardeners take over the rest.

The nooks and crannies

What you don’t know won’t harm you. Wrong. As the years go by, your home becomes more susceptible to pests like termites, ants, and mice. Before that happens, start checking your home for holes where pests and insects can pass through. Seal them as soon as possible. If the pest problem already exists and insect spray no longer works, contact a pest control company to address the issue.

Caring for your home takes a lot of work. Fix the minor problem you see even before it turns into bigger trouble. Be extra careful; let the professionals do the heavier work.

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