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Four Simple Concepts to Get Started on Your Home Expansion

At some point, many homeowners find that they need additional space on their property. Maybe you started with modest means, and now you’d like to customize and expand your home to suit your hobbies and interests. Or perhaps the kids are growing and need a recreational area. You may also be looking to add a different design aesthetic, entertain guests, or bring a touch of nature into the home.

The reasons may vary, but adding an outbuilding is one of the easiest ways to fulfill your newfound needs with minimal fuss. Since this type of structure is by definition non-habitable, as opposed to an annex, most areas have fewer requirements or don’t require a planning permit. This means you can get creative with minimal restrictions. Here are some concepts to get you started.

Storage shed

The most basic function of an outbuilding would be for storage. A shed to stow your belongings can be far more accessible than converting an existing room or attic in the house – particularly if you’re storing things like car or gardening tools, bikes, or outdoor decorations.

The shed may be simple, but don’t let it get cluttered or look messy. Keep things organized and clean, and give it a rustic look so that it still contributes beauty to your property.


Woman working from homeMany people who have settled down begin to find time to explore their hobbies and interests. A step up from the shed, you can use your new space as a craft studio. Practice painting where the smell of paint doesn’t enter the rest of the home, or try your hand at woodworking where the noise doesn’t bother anybody.

If you work remotely, this home extension can also serve as a proper office. Having a degree of separation from the main house allows you to focus on your work without distraction, while still being mere steps away from the comforts of home. Give the office a different look from the rest of the house, to sharpen the distinction and help you get in the mindset to do your work.

Game room

Ideal for kids and guests, the addition of a game room to your property will be sure to please everybody, win or lose. Staples would be a pool table, darts, and a table tennis set, and comfy lounge furniture for those who’d rather watch.

For a more modern concept, introduce video game consoles hooked up to a big screen – your kids will love it. Make sure you get good lighting in any case, and some insulation or soundproof panels to keep the noise down.


Bringing the element of nature into your home with a greenhouse offers benefits for beginners and advanced gardeners alike. If you’re new, you’ll get a chance to try caring for plants without toiling outdoors. More experienced enthusiasts can try raising more sensitive plants with the protection that a greenhouse affords.

Creative garden room ideas can take advantage of the presence of plants and beautiful flowers to create an aesthetic found nowhere else in the house – a real breath of fresh air, in many ways.

Adding long-term value to your property while addressing your current needs for additional space, an outbuilding is one of the best home improvement projects you can get started on. Consider its best function, and take inspiration from design trends or consult with professionals to bring out the best in your new home expansion.

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