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The Best Hairstyles for Every Man

Who says that only women are conscious of their hairstyles? Men also want their hair to look great all the time. You will notice that there are a lot of hair care products for men on the market today.

Back then, anything related to beauty and grooming was mostly associated with women. Nowadays, more and more men are becoming conscious of their looks. However, it doesn’t make them less of a man. For one thing, the majority of women still prefer guys who look and smell clean.

Men can sweep women off their feet by choosing a hairstyle that complements their looks and lifestyle. It is also essential to visit a salon that uses high-quality shears to ensure the best service for their clients.

Best hairstyles for men

Just like women, men think about which type of haircut suits them best. First of all, the best hairstyle will depend on your face shape. We all know the different kinds of face shapes: round, oval, rectangle, square, diamond, heart, round, and heart.

These face shapes sound too fancy for men. But if you compare your face shape to another person’s, you will notice some differences. Your forehead might be broader than the other person’s, or perhaps the other person has a more prominent jawline than yours. At least one hairstyle will complement your face shape more than others.

First of all, you need to know your face shape. You can take a photo of yourself, making sure that your facial outline is visible. You can also measure your forehead, jawline, and face length to determine your face shape. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles that suit different face shapes:

1. Round

Those who have this face shape should choose hairstyles that add length to their faces. You can also grow a full-square beard to add a definition to your jaw. You can try hairstyles such as an undercut with a pompadour, a faux hawk, spiky hair, and slick backs.

2. Oval

Lucky are those who have this kind of face shape because they can choose any hairstyle they want. Avoid sporting bangs and fringes because it can make your face look rounder.

3. Oblong

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If you have this face shape, you can opt for shorter hairstyles like buzz cuts or crew cuts. You can also try short spiky hairstyles as well. Avoid growing a beard because it can make your face look longer.

4. Triangle

For triangular faces, you can try side-swept bangs and messy-styled hair. You can be better-looking if you keep your face clean-shaven.

5. Diamond

Men with diamond-shaped faces often have defined chins and cheekbones. If you have this face shape, you can opt for high hairstyles like a faux hawk, long slick back, or a side sweep. You can also grow a beard to add softness to your jaw and chin.

Overall, this article is a simple guide for men who are looking for a hairstyle that will complement their looks. After all, men also deserve to look their best, regardless of the occasion.

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