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Grooming for Men: Should You Remove Your Leg Hair?

A survey shows 55 percent of 2,000 men say they are ashamed of their body hair. Due to masculine pride, however, these men don’t want to do anything about unwanted hair. Forty-four percent of men consider top-shelf grooming habits as “unmanly.” But 47 percent admit they have removed leg hair at least once, which is more than those who shave their back.

Grooming like this is typically better when a professional does it. Why? Because they would have the tools, the lightness of hand, and the training to do it right. And so instead of going to your bathroom to take care of unwanted hair on your legs, an appointment to a local waxing salon may give you better results.

Why Should You Remove Your Leg Hair?

Leg hair removal serves different purposes, including:

  • Sports

This is a common reason you may consider removing your leg hair. Several sports, such as bicycling, swimming, and bodybuilding usually require you to remove leg hair. It might even give you a psychological or competitive edge. You may let your leg hair grow back after the competition or keep your legs smooth.

  • Health

In certain medical situations, you have to remove your leg hair because some skin problems are easier to treat when the surface isn’t covered up. You should also remove your leg hair if you’re getting a tattoo on your legs. Some people opt not to grow their leg hair back even when the tattoo has healed to show off their leg art.

  • Comfort

Leg hair-removal makes your legs feel clean and fresh. You’ll notice a huge difference after the removal.  Since you feel clean, it helps to boost your confidence. You’ll also feel cooler during the hot season because no hair is covering your legs.

What’s a better method to removing unwanted hair?

Shave vs. Wax

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Hair removal methods have come a long way since the invention of the razor. You can go to a drugstore and pick up depilatories, which you can wipe or rinse away; then there are the salon services, like sugaring and threading, which deliver different levels of discomfort. But two of the most common methods are shaving and waxing.

  • Shaving – this is probably the fastest way to remove unwanted hair. You have to be careful, though, because you might end up having itchy legs and ingrown hair. Also, the hair will grow back.
  • Waxing –  this may prove to be wince-worthy because it pulls the hair from the root. But do it often enough and by a pro, and it won’t hurt as much. An aesthetician will apply a layer of hot wax on your leg hair and let it sit for a few seconds. Once it’s ready, your aesthetician will pull off the wax rapidly.

Whether it’s athletic or aesthetic purpose, removing leg hair could bring about pleasant changes in your look and routine. The decision doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose the right method and go with it. Once you get into this grooming habit, you may wound up finding it a pleasant experience with handsome results.

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