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Positive Appearance Equals Positive Mindset

Our appearances can significantly affect our emotions. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we tend to be a bit more cautious of our every move, and that can keep us from realizing our full potential.

On the other hand, feeling good about how you look boosts your confidence. This generally improves your disposition towards the challenges that may come your way. This article will help you improve your appearance for a positive mindset.

Improving Your Looks

Whenever you see articles or tips about improving how you look, you often see fashion tips and tricks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s only half of the formula. Improving your appearance wouldn’t be as effective without changing certain areas in your life. That being said, below are some tips on how you can get holistic development in your physical appearance.


One of the most important things you need to improve in your appearance is your posture. Adjusting your posture can significantly affect not just your visual appeal but also how other people regard you. This is because your body language shows your level of confidence. Constantly having your shoulders slouched sometimes gives people the idea that you are conscious about yourself. On the other hand, positive emotions are often associated with good posture, and this is already communicated with other people even before you talk.


They say that the most important part of your fashion statement is your smile. However, it’s quite common for people to be conscious about their smiles, especially if their teeth are not as flattering as they want them to be. That’s why we must also ensure that we take good care of our dental health. There are toothpaste kits that help whiten your teeth, making you feel more confident with your smile. Beaming can significantly reduce your stress levels and make you feel happier. This will make you more attractive to other people.


Lack of sleep affects your appearance as well. If you tend to stay up late at night, you are more likely to develop dark circles around your eyes. In addition to this, inadequate sleep is also believed to speed up your aging process, and you will also be more susceptible to stress. Ensure that you avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and eating heavy meals a couple of hours before bedtime. Dimming the light in your room, computer, and cellphone screen would also be helpful. Getting plenty of exercise during the day should also promote a better sleep cycle.


Your hairstyle also affects how other people perceive you. A recent Yale study found out that women with short to medium hairstyles are seen as intelligent, while women with longer hairstyles are perceived as less intelligent but sexier. However, before you head to your stylist and ask them to change your hairstyle, you may want to make sure that it suits you first and that you feel good about it. There’s no point adjusting your appearance according to other people’s perceptions if you end up feeling less confident about yourself.


Arguably the most underrated yet most effective beauty products are fruits and vegetables. Most people assume that eating these foods is only meant to provide you with a healthier body. However, we are slowly learning that eating fruits and vegetables regularly also improves our skin. These foods can significantly slow down your skin’s aging process. This means that you can have more radiant and younger-looking skin after just a few weeks of consuming healthy foods. Make sure that they are part of your daily diet.

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It’s no secret that the latest technology has brought us closer together, along with plenty of other benefits. Our lives have been generally easier, and the convenience of talking to our friends and family with just the press of a button is truly noteworthy. However, this innovation also has its downside. We’ve been too occupied by our mobile phones that we are slowly losing our ability to develop non-verbal communication techniques.

In addition to this, spending most of your time browsing on your phone also brings us lots of stress while wasting our time. Make sure that once in a while, you unplug and stay away from your mobile phone to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Our thoughts will manifest themselves in our appearance. If we always have a negative mindset and lifestyle, we can expect that we will also present ourselves negatively. On the other hand, being mindful of our cognitive processes and ensuring that we cover all the basics of looking good will surely improve our physical appearance.

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