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Machine Washing vs. Dry Cleaning: Which Is Better?

Nowadays, many people may not have time to do their laundry due to the busy lives they led. Even on weekends, the average person has commitments to meet up with friends or family, go out golfing or fishing with friends or spend time relaxing at home alone. The laundry is the farthest thing that a busy person may think in a week.

If you are one of these people, you may consider bringing your laundry to a nearby laundry house. If this is your first time getting others to do your laundry, you may have questions about which process is the best one for you. You may be busy, or your washing machine needs fixing! Dryer repair services in your town are available, but there might be a schedule and long lines. However, it would be worth it to consider their services. Thus, it would be best if you were ready for other options to get your laundry done.

Dry cleaning and machine washing are two basic options that laundry houses may offer to their customers. Have you thought about whether to get your clothes dry-cleaned or machine-washed? Here are a couple of differences between the two processes. Hopefully, this article will make you understand better which of these two processes suit your needs well.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning services may use low amounts of water in the process of cleaning your clothes. Instead, it used a chemical solvent in raising your garments clean. It does not follow the regular process of wetting the clothes, cleaning them thoroughly, and rinsing their bubbles. After cleaning the clothes, they are tumbled dry in a machine. The whole process is done in a dry cleaning service different from the usual washing machine.

People who may avail of dry cleaning services usually have problems with their garments, especially if these have tough stains to remove. In terms of stain removal, the laundry house usually uses the chemical perchloroethylene.

Before delivery, the staff will have to be pressed or steamed the clothes. In general, you can easily retrieve clothes that have underwent dry cleaning services. They did not get wet. These clothes were not soaked in water, thus easy to dry. Dry cleaning may also be priced higher with the special chemicals used in removing stains.

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Laundry cleaning

Laundry cleaning services use the usual method of washing and cleaning clothes. It requires a washing machine that where clothes are soaked in water with a laundry solution. After a couple of minutes, the cleaner will take out those clothes, rinse them, and place them in a dryer before air-drying. It is relatively cheaper than dry cleaning.

Are you sensitive to laundry chemicals? Laundry cleaning is the best for you as it does not use harmful chemicals to remove tough stains and dirt. People with sensitive skin reportedly have a skin reaction towards chemicals applied to their clothes during dry cleaning. Thus, you must also be vigilant in the presence of rashes or sudden dryness in your skin.

If you are not in a hurry and can wait for your laundry for a couple of days, this process is most appropriate. Also, you can guarantee that your garments underwent thorough cleaning with detergents. They may also smell good as most laundry companies apply softeners on clothes.

In terms of energy consumption, laundry cleaning may not require a lot of power and electricity. Clothes have the chance to get air-dried before delivering to their owner.

A final advice

Before making any decisions, make sure to check your clothes, the stain or damage they have and decide which process is the best to clean them. Each of these processes has its benefits and limitations. Choose one that can give you the most advantages.

Dry cleaning services may protect high-quality fabrics. Clothes made of leather, silk, wool, or cashmere have fibers that may easily react to surrounding chemicals and may bleed. Also, their fabrics may easily get damaged when machine-washed. Dry cleaning may also increase the longevity of your clothes and maintain the originality of their materials.

Meanwhile, laundry cleaning may ensure cleaner and fresh-smelling clothes. This is also applicable if you want every day, regular clothes cleaned. Laundry cleaning may also be gentler to the environment as it consumes 50% less power than dry cleaning.

In choosing laundry services, choose one nearest to your place or apartment. It is also helpful to know the estimated delivery or retrieval time of your clothes. Some laundry services may be busy in peak seasons and may deliver your clothes later than usual.

Also, consider choosing the laundry house that uses clothing tags. This is to ensure that your clothes receive the appropriate treatment you have ordered. You may also ask more particular questions on how the laundry service cleans your clothes. Ask about the chemicals used to ensure that clothes are protected from shrinking or discoloration.

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