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Make Your Backyard a Healing Space: Plants and Garden Features to Add

Generally speaking, the world is still in a state of panic. Some of us are still not getting the hang of this new normal, often finding ourselves bored sick, or constantly anxious. The work-from-home setup is a little crazy, demanding so much of your time that you’ve seemed to become busier than ever.

As such, our homes have stopped being a relaxing place. Everywhere you look, there’s work material, unfinished chores, and stuff from your kids’ online classes. The only time you really rest is when you sleep, but that can get disrupted too when your mind is on deadlines and your family’s health.

To top it all off, you can’t get a day off to enjoy a holiday abroad or in another state. Unless you’re willing to subject yourself to painful swab tests and nerve-wracking quarantines, then your only choice is to stay at home.

But if you have a nice backyard, no matter how big or small, you can make that your next paradise. Give it a little TLC, starting with a fabulous lawn mowing service, and you’d realise how much potential the overlooked space has.

Once your bare backyard is ready for a new look, here are the features to add to it that can give you a mental health boost:

1. Plants that Help With Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Low-maintenance shrubs are great, but exerting a bit more effort to raise other plants is worth it. Gardening has several mental health benefits, including the alleviation of stress, anxiety, and depression. What’s more, there are specific plants that can do exactly that.

You can start by raising some indoor-outdoor plants, like Aloe Vera. The plant isn’t just famed for its healing properties, but also for its ability to purify the air and rid our brains of stress triggers. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to raise it!

If there’s a little shaded corner in your backyard, put a bamboo palm in it. It also cleans the air, helping you soothe your anxiety when you do breathing exercises.

For flowers, consider chamomile. An effective bedtime tea, the chamomile flower also does wonders for the mood, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Flamingo Lily is an excellent choice as well. You just need a high level of patience with it, because it’s not the easiest to maintain. However, your attentiveness will be rewarded; it’ll burst out brilliant, glossy red petals and shiny dark-green leaves. Your mood and sense of accomplishment will definitely be aroused by it.

Digging a hole or conditioning your soil may sound like a pain, but that, too, has mental health benefits. It exposes your body to sunlight, which gives it a dose of vitamin D. In turn, your serotonin levels will increase, giving you a significant mood boost.

2. Add Seating


A garden set or outdoor living room set will really elevate the look of your backyard. Consider adding a lounger, a chaise, a hammock, or a swing as well. Don’t forget the umbrella if you don’t have a roof or awning!

Adding seats to your backyard will allow you to entertain in that space, or to have a peaceful me-time when the bustle of the indoors becomes too much for you to handle. Make sure your seats are comfortable so that you’d feel cosy enough to even take a nap or read a book in there. And if there’s more bare space left, why not add a grill or fire pit? That’d be perfect for smores and burgers.

3. Water Feature

A small pond or a man-made stream is a worthy addition, too. But if its upkeep requirements can’t fit in your tight schedule, consider a fountain, which you can plug in and leave. When you relax in your outdoor lounge during your free time, the sounds of your water feature will calm you down even more. It would almost feel like you’re in a resort!

4. Hot Tub

If you have a small space, you can skip the outdoor furniture and just opt for a nice hot tub. Make time for it every night to make your splurge worth it. Better yet, make it large enough to fit your whole family so you can bond together without gadgets.

5. Bar or Bar Cart

Wine nights may be a little more fun when done under the stars. Plus, having guests over in your backyard instead of in your indoor living spaces will give you more privacy, which makes drinking sessions more intimate. The bar cart, in particular, will also be useful in passing around snacks or cocktails.

With these five amazing backyard features, your entire space will look more glamorous and serene, and you couldn’t be happier anywhere else. The rest of your homebound year will be jollier, and you might just wish to keep indoors until 2021.

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