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Why You Should Cook and Prepare Meals with Your Kids

Weekends are for fun and relaxation. It is for sleeping in, movie marathons, and doing nothing vital. Why not make the most of it and plan activities that will strengthen your bond as a family?

Family goals change over the years. Though they may differ in their order, they are quite similar in most ways. Acquire a decent home through house and land packages, send the kids to school, ensure everyone is healthy, and save for retirement. Of course, along the way, you need to engage in activities that will solidify your bond and relationship with your spouse and your children.

Weekends are great for family meals since everyone is at home. Saturday home-cooked lunches and dinners can bring everyone to the table. While eating and talking over a hearty and comforting meal is a great bonding activity with your family, you can amp it up a little. Have your kids help you prepare for your meals.

Your first reaction may be, no way. They’ll cause trouble and make it more difficult for you. Will they? Have you tried letting them help you in the kitchen, or do you immediately shoo them away when they enter your sacred space?

Cooking is a basic life skill that everyone should learn, else how would you feed yourself properly? Children should learn the basics of cooking at an early age. They should be comfortable being in the kitchen and knowing their way around making even the simplest of meals.

However, not every parent is comfortable with having their children in the kitchen. Yes, there are risks, so you should be attentive to what the child is doing and what he can reach that he shouldn’t. Teens always seem to have a lot going on in their lives and are always busy.

There are great reasons why you should invite and encourage your children to learn their ways in the kitchen. Here are some of them.

Children will be exposed to a wide range of foods that they will eat.

When children are involved in the preparation and cooking, they will likely try to taste ingredients out of curiosity. Since they have done their part in preparing the food, they can also eat the dish. You will be raising children who are more open-minded when it comes to trying new food and cuisine.

You can teach your children the importance of eating healthy.

One of the best ways to keep yourself and your family healthy is to cook your own food. Having your children join you in the kitchen will have lifelong beneficial effects on them. It is also your chance to talk to your children about healthy foods. Point to them the ingredients and what they do for the body. For example, fish is rich in Omega-3, which is good for their brain and can help them become smarter kids. Fruits and vegetables are good for their skin, so they will always look pretty and glowing. When you cut down on your refined sugar, you can tell them about the effects of consuming too much sugar and why they should eat sweets in moderation.

Cooking can boost your children’s confidence.

Whenever your child sees a ham and egg sandwich or a potato salad, he or she can proudly say, “I can do that!”. Your child will be able to carry on that confidence until they grow old. As they become more confident in their skills in the kitchen, you can ask them to prepare more sophisticated meals for the entire family. There is nothing more attractive than a woman or man that can cook a killer dish.

mom and kid cooking

Cooking can bring you closer.

Doing things together, and working towards achieving the same goal, can bring you and your children closer. Soon, they are not only helping you in the kitchen at the weekends only. They will be reaching for the pot on their own, even on weekdays, to help out. As you cook together, you can talk about how their day went. You will get to understand your children more and develop a deeper relationship with them.

Children who cook can take care of themselves.

Children who can fend for themselves grow to be more responsible adults. If they can whip up a meal for your family, they can cook for themselves when they are living on their own. They will grow up with a healthy mindset and be more mindful of what they eat.

At worse, you may have to clean up spills on the table and the floor. The results that you and children get from the process, however, are priceless. With patience and practice, you can teach your children lessons that will make them smarter, more responsible, and healthier adults in the future.

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