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Cool Things We All Want in Our Backyards

Are you a garden guru or an outdoor entertainer? Is your idea of relaxing inviting friends over for dinner on the deck? Or, do you like spending time alone in the garden and tending to your plants? Depending on what you want to do in your backyard, you can turn it into a lush garden, or you can add a deck and an outdoor grill and entertain people like there’s no tomorrow. Your outdoor space should be as inviting and relaxing as your living room with the bonus of being surrounded by nature and fresh air.

When planning to renovate your backyard, ask yourself first if you want to hire a landscape architect or landscape pavers. These two professionals have very different expertise, but both of them will help you create a backyard sanctuary. Simply tell them what you envision for your backyard and they can turn your dream into reality.

Of course, that’s probably the hardest part: figuring out what you want to have in the backyard. Luckily, practically all people dream of having the same cool stuff in the backyard. Here they are:

Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t want an outdoor kitchen? It’s the coolest thing to have especially during summer when you want to host as many barbecue parties as you can. Plus, it keeps your indoor kitchen clean, too. Even if you’re not entertaining guests, you can use the outdoor kitchen to make dinners at home. Make sure to include a mini-refrigerator, cabinets, and plenty of counter space to make guests feel welcome and at home.

Large Hammock

After a long and tiring week, there’s nothing like lounging in an extra-large hammock and reading a book. Of course, a glass of frozen margarita should not be lost. Make sure the hammock is situated under the shade. If you have a large tree, you can hang the hammock there and spend lazy Sundays napping on it. It’s best to get a hammock that can fit two people.

Projector Screen

There should be a spot for a large projector screen outdoor, right? Why should you cram in the living room if you can watch a movie outdoors? This is the perfect activity during spring and fall when the weather is nice enough to spend watching a movie outside. Plus, it’s also super romantic to invite your significant other to watch a movie under the stars. Just make sure there’s plenty of lawn chairs for everyone if you are inviting some guests over.

Fire Pit

Fall and winter aren’t the best time to spend outdoors. But if you have a fire pit, then it’s perfectly acceptable to roast some marshmallows, sip hot cocoa, and share stories. Your kids will love to grill some hotdogs, too, so this is a nice activity for the whole family.

Reading Nook

How can you encourage everyone to love reading? You can create a reading nook. How about a tree house with plenty of plush and colorful pillows? If a tree house is not possible, just create a gazebo where you can rest and read a book. You can even gather your kids around and tell spooky stories during Halloween season.

Swimming Pool and/or Trampoline

swimming pool in the backyard

Two of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for kids are trampoline and pool. Choose your poison, and your kids will still love you like crazy if you surprise them with either of the two. A swimming pool is good for you, too, so you can practice some laps. And if you want to lose weight, swimming is a full-body workout (in case you don’t know).

Small Playground

Go to a warehouse store and look around the kids’ section. Chances are that there’s a full playground set available. The good thing is it’s not too expensive to get one now. The full set includes a slide, swing, and a monkey bar. You won’t have to worry about your kids getting bored indoors if you have this set in your backyard.

Outdoor Gym

Are you a gym fanatic? Why should you pay $20 to $50 a month for a gym membership if you can buy the equipment for a one-time fee and set it up at your backyard? You can also build a gazebo-like structure so the gym equipment will be safe from the changes in the weather. Backyard workout is more encouraging than being cramped in the basement.

When deciding what you want to do with your backyard, take into consideration what the rest of the family would like to have there. It’s not just about you. Also, you can segment the backyard so everyone can have their own space.

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