Converting Your Garage into a Meditation Space

Everyone needs a welcoming space to calm their nerves. As humans, we naturally cling to areas where we can relax and isolate ourselves from the outside world. That’s where meditation spaces come in. Meditation spaces are rooms dedicated to relaxation and practicing peace for your body and spirit. Our minds are often clouded by social media and intrusive thoughts, making ease of mind all the more critical. Hence, if you have an extra garage or a free room, consider converting it to your personal meditation space.

The Benefits of Converting Your Garage

It’s Structurally Perfect to Be a Meditation Space

Yoga studios and meditation rooms need a closed-off area with strong supports and thick walls to get away from the noise and the outside world. Garages are perfect since they’re often included in houses and only need a few tweaks and adjustments. By converting your garage, you can save on your expenses compared to building a new room from scratch.

It’s Easily Decorated

The aesthetics of meditation spaces differ from person to person. Some individuals may want pastel colors and a sleek motif, while others wish to completely white walls with minimalistic designs. With your garage, you have an empty canvass to decorate and paint to your liking. Furthermore, open space means you can dedicate a part of the room for your altar and a separate area for your seating. Your imagination’s the limit.

It’s Already Insulated

Meditation spaces benefit from quiet, tranquil rooms. Since garage doors are often made lined with insulating materials, you have less work to do when sound dampening the room. By reducing noise in your garage, you’ll feel completely isolated from the outside world and concentrate on your spirit and body.

Ways to Transform Your Garage into a Meditation Space

Add Sound Dampening Materials

Keeping your meditation space silent and peaceful is the first step to serenity. Garage doors are most likely the only insulated part of your garage. Hence, you should install acoustic panels, spray foams, and foam insulation products all over your garage. Adding rugs, carpets, sofas, and other similar furniture can lessen sound too.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Along with the sound, light is a huge part of crafting the perfect meditation room. Take note that soft sun rays are always better than light from a light bulb. Remove any obstructions barring light from your garage’s windows and put up a curtain instead. If you want to up the ante, consider getting a garage door installed made with glass. Glass garage doors elevate the meditation space’s serenity by having more insulation than a traditional single-ply door and adding natural light.

Introduce Aromatherapy

When you enter a room, your sense of smell alerts you if everything is okay or if something wrong is afoot—the same concept goes with your meditation space. It’s essential to appeal to your sense of smell and add a welcoming aroma to your room. Thankfully, introducing fragrance to the room is relatively easy and with lots of options. You can use scent diffusers, scented candles, potpourri, incense, and more. When deciding on the scent of your room, consider staying away from strong smells and choose soft aromas like rose, lavender, or jasmine. Feel free to choose what scent you like; what’s essential is satisfying your sense of smell.

Install Comfy Flooring

Your sense of touch is among the first you’ll feel when entering your meditation space. Meditation only requires space for your yoga mat; however, garage floors made from concrete can be rough and easily scuffed. Consequently, concrete dust and pebbles are all too common in poorly made garages. Hence, upgrading your garage flooring with hardwood or reclaimed woods is recommended to elevate the experience. Wood floorings are preferred in meditation spaces since they have a warm texture with a soft structure. If you don’t like wooden floorings, you can use cork mats or rugs instead.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

Meditating for long periods can make you feel hot and sweaty. It’s crucial to keep your body temperature comfortable to prevent any distractions that can stop your sessions. Experiment with your room’s temperature and find the perfect one for you. Keep in mind that installing insulation in your garage helps keep the temperature stable.

Now the fundamentals are out of the way; you can now decorate the room to your pleasure. Paint the walls and add cushions or any adornment you want. It’s up to you. Meditation is all about having peace of mind that focuses on yourself. Hence, your meditation space’s decoration depends on your preference. Now, are you ready to turn your garage into your indoor sanctum?

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