Know Which Window Style is Best for Your Dream Home

A dream home isn’t just something you live in because you got nowhere else to go. Whether it’s for yourself, someone you love, or both, you shouldn’t make compromises to it. After all, you’ve planned and saved up for your dream house for years.

The color of the walls, the shape and size of the rooms, the details on the cabinets, and even the window style should be according to your specifications and taste! To help you sort out which window type fits your preferences the best, this list gathered all the design ideas you can choose from. Before calling your local window installation company in Utah, choose from the following window styles:

1. Casement windows

Casement windows are age-old favorite choices for many homeowners who wish to build their houses from scratch or redesign their current ones. These are also common house windows that were dominant before the sash windows were widely recognized in Europe.

These types of windows are glued to their frames using one (sometimes more) hinges. The casement can be opened from one at the top, the bottom or even the side. Casement windows continue to be a top choice when it comes to windows. This is mainly because of their durability, functionality and wide variety of designs and styles.

2. Vertical Sliding Windows

These are also referred to as box sash windows. Sometimes it can also be called sash and case window in Scotland. This type of window consists of one (sometimes more) movable sashes that can be opened with a sliding motion.

These windows have been a popular choice in the UK and the US for centuries now. Their fame, however, took a little step down the pedestal when modern buildings started kicking into construction. This was when casement-style windows took over. But in the year 1990s, the sash window’s aesthetic style slowly graced homes again. If you want your dream house to have a traditional touch, go for sash windows.

3. Tilt-and-turn windows

These types of windows are opened in two ways. The first is by tilting the window vertically for ventilation. You can also swing it up inwards in a horizontal position so the window is fully opened. When vertically opened, these types of windows can be a secure source of fresh air for the room. These usually come with a multi-point locking system that deters potential trespassers. The turn-and-tilt variety doesn’t only let you welcome large volumes of air into your home, it also lets you access the exterior surface of the window for easier cleaning.

Your choice of window style greatly affects the look of your home. If you’re going for a rustic look, get a set of timeless casement windows. Want something more modern and secure? Go for vertical sliding windows. And if you want a flexible way to ventilate your home, tilt-and-turn windows may be for you. Your windows are one of the few elements of your home that you can enjoy looking at from both inside and outside. Use these suggestions to find the perfect one.

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