A Crash Course on Metabolism to Help You Lose Weight

Some people eat spicy foods to boost their metabolism and lose weight. While the long-term effectiveness of capsaicin in chilis is limited, some swear by it. Have you heard about the weight loss benefit of capsaicin?

Before you start shopping for chili peppers, learn about metabolism and weight loss.

Metabolism in a nutshell

Metabolism is the series of bodily processes involved in breaking down energy from food to sustain life. You are an engine that runs on fuel, and food is your fuel. When you are sitting or standing idly, you still burn calories to keep things running. Your body burns what you need.

What you don’t need right now, the body stores in the form of fat. The metabolic rate of a living organism is the rate the body burns calories. The basal metabolic rate is mostly beyond anyone’s control. It’s determined by genetics.

Perhaps the reason why you cannot lose weight despite exercising regularly is that you inherited a slow metabolism. The truth of the matter is: a body with a slow metabolic rate burns a few calories both at rest and while doing physical activity.

Speeding up the engine

Weight training in the gym

Based on evidence and actual experience, the effect of chilis and spices in speeding up the metabolic rate is temporary at best. Coffee can speed up metabolism, but it won’t change your pants size. Chilli peppers and coffee won’t give you the body that comes with a successful coolsculpting procedure in Salt Lake

What else do they say about speeding up the metabolic rate? Well, building more muscle by carrying weights is more helpful. It will only make a difference if you have more muscle than fat. When that happens, then your higher metabolic rate would increase enough to matter.

People with a higher metabolic rate will burn the fuel in their body faster both in resting and active state.

Exercise that impacts on metabolism

Increasing muscle mass boosts the basal metabolic rate. Muscle puts a higher demand on fuel, and so it matters that you exercise. To boost metabolism, you must build lean tissue. If you are keen on losing weight, learn from the habits and lifestyles of bodybuilders.

They enjoy the benefits of a higher metabolic rate. For now, you must hold on to the few gains that you have achieved. Once you have lost weight, the biggest challenge you will face is to keep from gaining more. 

Woman weightlifting

People with higher metabolism could get hungry sooner than people with a slow metabolism. If you manage to increase your metabolic rate, you must fight the appetite to eat more. You also have to sustain the physical activity that brought a significant change in the lean mass to fat ratio.

Metabolism is a tricky subject. While you’re still trying to understand its intricacies start specific habits that other people swear by. Drink water before meals like dieters who say they lose weight from it. Use a smaller plate for smaller servings. Eat less but more frequently.

Count calories or just eat a balanced diet with a strict policy on portion control. Continue with practices that offer excellent results.

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