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How to Have Fantastic Pre-wedding Photos

Pre-wedding photography is becoming popular. More and more couples are getting on in this trend. Pre-wedding photography sessions allow the couple and the wedding photographer to build a rapport. The wedding photographer gets to know the couple more, and the couple becomes comfortable with the photographer.

Pre-wedding shoots give the couple some practice on posing. They can help ensure that you will have amazing photos on your big day.

Of course, some preparation must also be made for your pre-wedding photoshoot. These are memories that you will cherish forever, so it’s just right to want to look your best. Here’s how to have fun, romantic, and perfect photos on your pre-wedding shoot.


If you want your pre-wedding photos to look natural and fun, smile. Smiling naturally eases the tension, making you feel and look more relaxed. You will look happy and in love when you just let loose and laugh.

Your smile will look more confident when your teeth are healthy. Achieve whiter teeth and more brilliant smiles with a tooth-whitening procedure. It is one of the fastest ways to brighten your smile. Schedule an appointment for you and your partner in reputable dental clinics. You can have one in combination with other procedures, such as scaling and polishing.

Dress according to your theme.

Most couples establish a theme for their wedding. The wedding theme dictates the motif of the couple’s dress and suit, the color palette, and the setup for the wedding reception. Your pre-wedding photoshoot must also be coherent with the theme. Will you have a rustic wedding? Will your wedding theme have something to do with travel and adventure? Your pre-wedding shoot outfit should be related to your chosen theme.

Tell a story.

Some couples choose to tell a story with their pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s a great way to share your love story with your family and friends who are in attendance at the wedding. You can tell a story about how you met. Did you meet during grad school? Did you meet at work?

You can also choose to tell a story about your favorite pastime as a couple. Do you love books and often frequent bookstores together? Do you like to travel the world together? These are lovely narratives that will make beautiful and unique photos.

Choose the perfect location.

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The perfect location will mean different things to different couples. It can be your favorite hangout or where the groom proposed. The place must support the narrative of your pre-wedding shoot.

When choosing the location for your pre-wedding shoot, it is essential to ensure its availability. Popular spots tend to be crowded, and you might want a more private place so that your photographer can properly work his magic. You will also need to pay fees in some locations. You must also consider the additional transport costs if the area is quite far. Some photographers charge additional fees for out-of-town shoots.

If your location is outdoors, the weather can be a significant factor. Just be ready in case of rain or a downpour. In some cases, a little rainfall can make a photoshoot more dramatic and romantic.

Do not forget your props.

Props can do wonders to photos, even with outdoor shoots. The right accessories, coherent with your theme, can add life and vibrancy to your photos. Vintage bikes are beautiful props. They work great in the countryside and urban settings. Add some flowers in the basket, and you can create many romantic setups. Balloons and some confetti can also make your photos pop with more colors. Just make sure that your props do not look out of place and do not clash with your theme.

Find the right photographer.

The importance of hiring the right photographer cannot be stressed enough. Look for someone who is experienced in pre-wedding and wedding photography. Check his portfolio if his style suits the theme you have in mind. Reach out to your prospective photographers and personally meet with each of them. You must find out if you can hit it off with them. If you feel uncomfortable just talking with them, you will find it more challenging to be at ease with them during your shoots.

Be yourself.

This photoshoot is about you and your partner. Don’t push yourselves to do some trendy photoshoot themes that you are not comfortable with. You do you. Your pre-wedding photos must reflect how you are as partners. Just enjoy and let your love for each other shine through. The images will be more breathtaking if you are relaxed and having fun.

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