5 Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on a Roof Colour

The roof is arguably the most visually dominant part of the house exterior. Form comes after function, but its appearance is just as valuable as its durability. Of all the aesthetic elements of a roof, colour takes priority.

With plenty of choice at your disposal, it’s all too easy to pick the wrong hue for your replacement insulated roof panels in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney. Not a single roof colour could please everybody, but you ought to find a healthy balance between what you love and what’s right.

For starters, avoid the usual mistakes homeowners make below.

1. Letting Your Tunnel Vision Affect Decision-Making

In the grand scheme of things, the roof is just one of numerous details the round out the exterior of the house. The roof may be more noticeable than most, but it has to coexist with the rest harmoniously.

It’s a sin to pick roof colour without considering the look of your external cladding, driveway, lawn, and accents. It’s easier to repaint window frames and exterior doors that seem out of place than to change the entire appearance of your roof.

A well-thought-out roof design brings visual balance. If your house already has an architectural focal point outdoors, your roof should complement the centre of attraction and not try to stand out. If there’s none, use your project as an opportunity to give your house the character it’s been lacking.

2. Disregarding Traditional Colour Themes

red roof

Don’t mix colours without consulting tried-and-true colour combinations. It’s not an accident that cream, green and red never get old together. Most people have the same sentiment with the juxtaposition of different shades of grey.

If you don’t like to use a timeless colour theme on your house, at least use some as inspiration. This way, you’ll see how colour theory makes each one work.

3. Ignoring the Climate

Colour absorbs heat; the darker it is, the more light it can turn into thermal energy. Use this phenomenon to boost your property’s energy efficiency.

If you live somewhere cold, it may be wise to buy a dark-coloured roofing system to help keep your indoors as toasty as possible. If you reside in an area that’s generally hot all year round, you might be better off with a light-coloured roof to reduce the intensity of solar heat inside the house.

4. Forgetting About the Surrounding Streetscape

Make your house stand out with a beautiful without dragging the stock of nearby properties down. If your neighbourhood isn’t big on architectural individuality, try not to be the odd one out. The discrepancy could hurt your street’s real estate value if you boldly depart from the norm.

5. Breaking the Rules

Speaking of being a responsible resident, abide by the rules set by your housing estate. Covenants on house designs occasionally exist only, so find out whether you have to comply with some guidelines to keep your neighbours from turning on you.

Roof colour is a small decision with huge, far-reaching implications. You shouldn’t stress yourself over it, but you ought not to take it lightly either.

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