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Maintenance Pointers for New Homeowners

While people get excited when they finally own a house, they may be unaware of the maintenance work they have to perform on their property. Many new homeowners do not know the extent of maintenance they have to do for their homes. Maintenance work is important to retain the value of the property and avoid extensive repairs later.

Here are the things new homeowners should do to keep their homes in tiptop shape.

Inspect the House Before Buying It

Homebuyers should thoroughly inspect a house before they finalize its purchase. It is one way for them to avoid expensive repairs once they own the home. Inspecting the home allows them to know any minor or major issues in the house. It can also uncover any problems that may affect their health and safety, including the presence of molds of faulty electrical wiring.

Additionally, many lenders require a home inspection before approving a loan. The inspection should look into the interior and exterior of the house, including the plumbing, electrical system, and foundations of the house.

Trim The Trees

Another thing that new homeowners should do is trim the trees and shrubs that touch any part of the house. Trimming tree branches will prevent rodents from entering the house. These pests typically climb trees and enter the house through branches that are touching the house. New homeowners should do this as soon as they move into the home.

Inspect the Roof

checking the roof

After trimming the trees and shrubs close to the house, new homeowners should check the roof for any issues they may have missed during the initial inspection of the house. They should make sure to check for leaks on the roof due to a missing shingle or a hole on the roof. Ensuring that the roof is watertight prevents major issues later on.

Homeowners may need to get in touch with a reputable roof cleaning service provider if they see the roof is full of dead leaves from trees close to the house. These providers have the equipment and experience to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Check the Plumbing

Checking the plumbing of the house is also another maintenance job that new homeowners should do. It allows them to prevent the build-up of deposits that can cause major issues in the future. At this point, they should look for a reliable plumbing company to check and maintain the house’s plumbing system.

Check for Leaks

Regularly checking the caulk edges in the house allows homeowners to prevent water or air leakages. These areas include bathtubs, kitchen and bathroom sinks, doors, and windows, among others. When the caulking in these areas is damaged, it can result in the formation of mildew and mold due to water and air leaks. To prevent this, homeowners should caulk them as soon as possible. Aside from costly repairs, these issues can also cause health problems for the homeowner and his family.

Schedule Regular Home Inspections

It is also important for new homeowners to schedule a regular inspection of the house. They can schedule the inspection annually, and they should not wait for the time when they are planning to sell it. The process allows the homeowner to find any issues that they have to deal with in their homes. They can hire someone who knows what to look for while checking the house. Doing this allows the homeowner to catch issues before they become bigger issues.

Schedule Regular Minor Maintenance

Regular home inspections should also be paired with regular minor maintenance of the house. The minor maintenance work includes changing the air conditioning filters, checking the smoke detectors, and checking for any leaks on the roof or siding of the house. They should also check the salt levels of water softeners and signs of rotting wood on the house. Dealing with minor issues allows homeowners to save money on major repairs later on.

Schedule Comprehensive Maintenance

Aside from minor maintenance, homeowners can also schedule comprehensive maintenance work on the home. They can schedule this once or twice a year to check for any signs of rotting wood, the presence of pests in the house, and signs that the heater or air conditioning unit is about to give up.

Homeowners should also check the plumbing, drainage, roof, and electrical system of the house. In this instance, homeowners should also get rid of any dust accumulated in different areas of the house. Dust buildup can affect the lifespan of different appliances, such as washers, refrigerators, HVAC systems, and dryers.

Owning a home requires a lot of work to ensure it is well-maintained and prevent major issues in the future.

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