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How Proper Home Maintenance Affects the Quality of Your Life

Quality of life means different things depending on the life factors being discussed. Usually, it’s associated with work and finances, so if you’re doing something you love for a living, you have a good quality of life. Similarly, if your income and savings can sustain you well, you also have a good quality of life.

But not many people may know that your home also influences the quality of your life. After all, generally speaking, quality of life is the overall comfort, happiness, and health an individual or a group experiences. And no other place affects those three better than home.

A clean and well-maintained home affects your life in many ways. Have clutter all around, and you’d feel unproductive and anxious; keep everything in order, and you’d also feel like your life is put together. Your physical fitness may even improve. Researchers from Indiana University found that people with cleaner homes exercised more.

Maintaining your home, especially if it’s an old one, may sound bothersome, with all the repairs and refreshments it needs. But neglecting maintenance issues, even for the sake of finances, can only cost you more in the end. If that happens, you’d be more stressed out, and the quality of your life may decrease further.

To get you motivated, let’s walk through how a well-maintained home improves the quality of your life.

A Clean Home Has a Safer Air Quality

Many germs, viruses, and allergens around the house are airborne. If you have a sensitive respiratory system or asthma, those nasty air particles can worsen your symptoms and cause breathing problems. That would make your home more like a danger zone than a restful place.

Molds and mildew often plague the air of poorly-maintained homes as well. If you own an indoor pet, their dander will also pose a health risk. These things aren’t visible to the naked eye, so you may think your home is still clean even if you don’t use your vacuum cleaner. But of course, that’s not the case at all.

A vacuum doesn’t only eat up dust. It also gets rid of the air pollutants around your home. But not all vacuum cleaners are created equal; certain types have high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters, which can suck more particles. Choose a vacuum cleaner with that filter to purify your home’s air completely.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue


When you see the mess all around, you’re subconsciously reminded of work that needs to be done. Instead of being a relaxing retreat, your home has become another workplace. While work is really required to maintain a home, the chores shouldn’t pile up to the point that starting them seems more difficult than finishing them.

Clutter can cause stress and fatigue. Sure, not everyone prefers a space that’s organized to the hilt, especially creative people, but it isn’t smart to make a mess all the time, either. When you take too long to find stuff, or cannot find it at all, your stress levels rise and so as your risk for illness.

Stress is linked to various mental health, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and reproductive diseases, as well as obesity and skin and hair problems. Developing any of those diseases can make you even more unable to clean your home, potentially worsening your condition.

Performing Basic Repairs Will Ensure Your Home’s Safety and Security

Up to a hundred home repairs are DIY-friendly. All you need is a toolbox that you can buy from any hardware store, and you’re all set.

Addressing maintenance issues and performing repairs will ensure the safety and security of your home. Got tears on your roof shingles? Replacing those with new shingles will reduce the likelihood of leaks occurring on your ceilings. Rusty gates or railings? Applying a new layer of high-quality powder coating material will restore its shine and make it tougher.

Even simpler repairs like fixing a wallpaper seam, refinishing your hardwood floors, or fixing faucets will increase your well-being at home. Maintaining your home’s immaculate condition makes it a truly relaxing place, instead of just a space to sleep in.

Your Diet and Health Improves

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Lastly, a well-maintained home encourages you to eat healthier and to stay fit. People, especially women, tend to eat more sweets and high-fat food when they’re stressed. So if you eliminate the stressors from your abode, you can focus more on your health and improve your lifestyle. The more orderly-looking your space is, the more organized your mind also feels, a fact that’s been proven in multiple studies already.

If you haven’t been sleeping or resting well at home, try cleaning up now. Do it one step at a time if the mess has become overwhelming to deal with. If you think you’d need a pro’s help, don’t hesitate to call one. You’ll be surprised how much the quality of your life will improve the moment you step foot in your newly made-up abode.

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