Lifestyle and Wellness Trends That are Shaping the New Normal

Ever since the pandemic started, life as we know it was thrown out of balance. It created major changes in the way we live, work, study, have fun, socialize, tackle healthcare, and prioritize self-care. In a nutshell, it changed every single thing in our life.

The things we used to take for granted, like meeting friends and family date nights are now replaced by video calls. We can no longer shop and run errands any time we want due to lockdowns. Even travel became restricted at times.

Even now that we are living in the year 2021, the pattern continues to make a mark in our lives. Some lifestyle and wellness trends were accelerated by the pandemic. Others were highlighted while there also some trends that many people embrace as an attempt to cope under the new normal.

The following list outlines some of the hottest lifestyle and wellness trends that are shaping today’s new normal.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

More people are shying away from traditional medicine in hopes of finding relief from different conditions. Some simply want to experience relief from long-term pain. Others want to ease their main treatment worries by seeking complementary and alternative medicine.

Take chiropractic and wellness care, for instance. Many people are turning to chiropractors in hopes of getting relief from their acute and chronic joint pain. Some are now scheduling sessions to improve function after sports-related injuries while others are to help with muscle pain and other conditions.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is currently used in many states as a natural remedy for different common conditions. Nowadays, more consumers are using this for anything, including acne treatment to anxiety relief. Various businesses are offering CBD-infused food products other stuff for the public.

People know that complementary and alternative medicine won’t be able to replace traditional medicine. But in today’s world, they want more healthcare options to choose from. Consumers want to try other ways to address their health concerns and are willing to try other alternatives instead of visiting the hospital or going to their doctor’s clinics.


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of our relentless habits. Now, many are trying a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. They try their best to think about sustainability in everything they do.

For instance, sustainable shopping practices are in during the crisis. We do more online shopping than ever for both our wants and essentials. We choose brands that are also sustainable and are from local and small companies.

Many of us also started switching mall shopping to thrift-shopping. We now realize how much wastes the fashion industry produces each year. Aside from choosing sustainable fashion brands, more people are starting to appreciate the benefits that shopping for second-hand products has to offer.

Even the way we shop for goods changed. Gone are the days when store-bought foodstuff full of preservatives are the go-to choices of consumers. More are into organic and plant-based food since this supports consumer’s health and environmental concerns.


woman drinking tea

We all received a reality check after we bid goodbye to our old lives. Many finally decided to have a change of heart after realizing they are not really happy with their current lifestyle and career choice. Realizations set in after some lost a loved one while others found themselves questioning their life purpose mid-pandemic.

There are those who lost their jobs but were thankful for it. This gave them more time to think about what they really want and what other things they wish to pursue. Others opted to start a hobby they have always loved, while others started their own small business at home.

There are also some people who finally realized their families matter more than their careers. After a loved one lost their battle or got sick from the virus, they learned the hard way that time spent with family is just as important. Sheltering in place helps them gain a new perspective and start a journey towards better self-worth.

Other people started taking better care of themselves during the crisis. At first, they said yes to a sedentary lifestyle. But thanks to the crisis, we learned the hard way that health is a lot more important than wealth.

Many started to lose the weight they gained mid-crisis. Others started a healthier lifestyle, so they can finally take better care of their mental health. This shows just how more people are practicing self-awareness during the pandemic.

There are other trending wellness and lifestyle trends in the middle of COVID-19. The pandemic may have turned our lives upside down. But if there is one good thing that came out of the crisis, that is the fact that it made us realize how crucial it is to live a mindful and healthier lifestyle.

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