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Creative Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding Layout

You will make several decisions when planning for your wedding day. It is easy to get overwhelmed and miss one or two elements that play a significant role in the success of your wedding. One thing that should be on top of your list is the layout. This will determine the theme, décor, and look of your wedding venue. Depending on the weather, the best choice might be an outdoor wedding.

This way, you will have enough space to support the setting of the venue of your rustic wedding in Minnesota or any other state. Moreover, an outdoor venue gives you the freedom to choose from more comprehensive layout options for your wedding compared to an indoor venue. Here are some creative ideas for your outdoor wedding layout that will make your big day exceptional.

End-To-End Banquet Tables

This layout makes the perfect choice for outdoor venues that are long and narrow. With an end-to-end banquet table layout, rectangular tables will be lined along the perimeter of your wedding venue. It maximizes space and suffices for those with an extensive wedding guest list. You can also have smaller rectangular tables in the center of your layout for your family members and wedding party.

Other than an outdoor event featuring long rows of trees and bushes, the end-to-end banquet table layout also suffices for formal indoor venues such as historic sites, ballrooms, and museums.

U-Shaped Layout

This is an option for those who want a unique arrangement for their big day. With a u-shaped layout, you have a view of all the guests at your wedding since you will sit at the head of the table. The arrangement also has long chair rows that will generate a communal and intimate feel of your wedding space. The u-shaped layout works for small weddings like those with 100 guests at most.

Angled Table Layout

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This is a perfect choice for squeezing your guests into one space. The angled table layout features long banquet tables that are functional and trendy and seat around 18 people compared to small, square and round ones that seat eight people on average. The angled table layout sometimes uses benches rather than chairs on each side of the tables to eliminate bulky furniture and add a unique décor twist to the wedding venue.

Freestyle Layout

You need not stick to a conventional layout for your wedding. You can opt for a freestyle layout in which your tables are asymmetrical and dotted around your space. In this option, you will have a large rectangular table at the front of your venue and small round tables for your guests. A long, rectangular table will allow you to sit your entire wedding party comfortably, more so if they are bringing a plus one.

Though an outdoor venue with one of the above layouts generally works for rustic wedding themes, it is not exclusive. There are various décor options now that can transform any outdoor space into one that will match your desired wedding theme. This is, nonetheless, only possible if you choose the right outdoor space and have the best service provider to handle your décor needs.

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