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What Is A Scandinavian Interior Design And Why You Should Try It

Is your home starting to feel crowded? If your living room feels stuffy and looks too dark, try to shift things up with a Scandinavian inspired interior. A Scandinavian interior adapts minimalism and simplicity and is often characterized by white and neutral colors. Focusing on functionality, a Scandinavian design embraces natural materials such as wood, hemp, metal, and leather.

The Scandinavian design originated from the countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. These countries have very short days during winter. Through bright and open spaces, they can create warmth despite the dark and gloomy winter days.

Oftentimes, people would refer to a Scandinavian design as modern and contemporary. However, the Scandinavian interior is considered a modern design. Modern designs refer to designs that use functional decor pieces, strong lines, and neutral color palettes. On the other hand, contemporary designs are characterized by ornamental decor pieces, contrasting color palettes, and some curves.

If you want to employ a Scandinavian design in your home but don’t know where to start, here are some simple hacks that will transform your home in no time. Your home will be as comfortable, relaxing, and clean as your favorite medical spa.

Get rid of clutter and keep your space clutter-free with efficient storage.

One of the main characteristics of a Scandinavian interior is that it is visually relaxing and soothing to the mind. If you want to adapt to a Scandinavian interior, the first thing that you should do is get rid of the clutter. Get rid of things that you no longer need and invest in storage spaces to keep the space clutter-free. Choose storage that will go with your intended design, such as rattan baskets, white drawers, or metal drawers. You can also use wall-shelving to save floor space.

It will take discipline to keep your home clutter-free at all times. One of the easiest ways to keep it clutter-free, of course, is not to keep adding on the clutter. Avoid buying trinkets that you do not see to be useful in the long run. Owning less will make keeping your home free of clutter easier and more manageable.

Update your furniture.

When it comes to furniture, the Scandinavian design is characterized by clean and simple lines. Romantic and large furniture is out. Think of the simple and functional pieces of furniture that you see in Ikea. Invest in tables, sofas, chairs, and desks with soft round edges.

Most Scandinavian pieces of furniture feature a clever and innovative use of space, highlighting functionality as its core trait. If budget is an issue, you can start small in updating your furniture. You can start with the couch in the living room or the dining chairs in your dining room. Of course, you do not have to throw everything out. Your wooden coffee table in the living room, for example, can still fit your Scandinavian theme. You can even reuse some for other purposes. You can also use a cover for the couch to make it fit your intended design theme.

Paint your walls white.

Nothing says Scandinavian more than white-colored walls. White is often used in the Scandinavian interior theme to let the pieces of furniture, which are also in neutral colors, stand out. White-painted walls also make the room look brighter and feel more open. It’s like having a clean canvas where you can let your imagination play when setting up your designs and decors.

White walls allow you to use minimalist and simple wall accents as your room’s focal point. You can cleverly use a sudden pop of color for your wall accents too.

Stick with a neutral color palette.

For Scandinavian decor, stick with the colors and shades of gray, white, brown, and black. Use these colors when setting up your Scandinavian home. Stick to these shades if you will change your furniture. Of course, you can use furniture cover in these colors too, instead of buying new ones.

In the bedroom, stick with the same colors for your beddings. You can take advantage of unique textures to add warmth when needed and add depth to your interior’s aesthetics. Keep it cozy and stylish at the same time. You can also choose wallpapers in the same color palette to give your room a calm and serene mood.

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Take advantage of natural light.

One of Scandinavian design’s main features is its use of natural lighting—tone down on window treatments. If you want to add some curtains, stick with sheer materials that still let the light through.

For parts of the house with no natural light, you can use pendant lamps or wall scones to light up the room and set up the right mood. When you set up lighting, make sure to provide sufficient illumination throughout the room.

Stick with light-colored flooring.

Scandinavian homes use light wood flooring. You can opt to use laminated flooring in light colors to fit your Scandinavian design. It will make your interiors look brighter and will also make the room more spacious and open.

Give your home a fresh new look with a Scandinavian design inspired interior. It can make your home look new, with a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

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