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Bring the Travel Bug Home: Travel-Inspired Design Ideas

For those bitten by the travel bug, they have for sure felt this overwhelming urge to bring back home a part of their experience. Some people do that by buying souvenirs while some take a lot of pictures they can print and display in their homes.

But if you want to go one step further in bringing home the joys of traveling, you can also redesign the interiors of your home and add the feeling of wanderlust in your personal space. Here are some nifty ideas to weave travel-themed interior designs into your own home:

Detail, details, details

Think of your house as an empty canvas, and the souvenirs and mementos from your travels are the media you use to paint a lively image. Every detail you add to your space should tell a story. That wooden bowl with an intricate design you bought from your Bali trip? That’s a great piece that can add interest to your living room. Those matryoshka dolls you got from Russia? They can be good centerpieces for your coffee table.

It’s up to you what you want to make as focal pieces in your house. But they should paint a vivid picture of your travels. After all, your home is your personal space, so its design should speak about you and your travel memories you love the most.

Vintage evokes drama

Vintage decors like lamps or ottoman seats are perfect for travel-inspired homes because of their aesthetics. They evoke drama and mystery to any space. More often than not, you can easily find them at flea markets anywhere in the world, which make them great souvenirs.

Capture the feeling of escape

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For most people, traveling is their way to escape from their regular lives. You can replicate that feeling in perhaps the best place in your home if you want a sense of calmness: the bathroom.

One idea you can try is adding more light into the space. You can install wider windows with artistic shades to let in more natural light. Skylights are great options to achieve that warm, lively feeling when traveling.

Seasoned bathroom modeling contractors in places suggest adding natural touches to your space like wooden shelving or placing indoor plants to make it feel more like your very own sanctuary. Think of it as if you’re going into a personal paradise every time you’re going to the bathroom.

Show off your memories

Finally, don’t be too shy to showcase all your travel snaps. Have them framed and display them in your living room or your home office. If you want, you can even put them up all over the house and turn your home into a gallery of your travel photos. That way, you will be reminded of your happy memories traveling wherever you go in your home.

There’s no really no place like home. It doesn’t matter how far or how often you travel. You will always come back to that one place you call home.  And with these design ideas, it will be as if you have brought your home with you to your adventures.

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