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Wedding Planning and Well-Being: Controlling Stress Levels

When he finally pops the question, you’ll float in cloud nine, looking forward to the next couple of months with hearts for eyes. But the moment you start planning your wedding, the inevitable will come: stress.

Zola surveyed 500 engaged or newlywed couples and found that a whopping 96% of them freaked out while planning their wedding. Out of the 96%, 40% were too stressed out, while 71% claimed that it was more worrisome than other significant life milestones.

If you just felt intimidated, don’t dread your wedding planning just yet. Stress is a normal part of any major project; the key is to keep it in check.

In this article, we’ll identify the toughest parts of wedding planning and find out how they may affect your well-being.

Wedding Dress Stress

Finding a wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of wedding planning. After all, you probably already have an idea of what you’d like to wear since your middle school days. And with so many beautiful bridal boutiques around, you’ll never run out of options and style inspirations if you don’t have a dream dress yet.

But in reality, shopping for a wedding dress isn’t as fun. Exciting yes, hence some brides do it first before picking a wedding venue. But this causes stress because if you can’t give your consultant an exact time frame, you’ll both have a hard time choosing a designer.

It’s also stressful when your mom, best friend, bridesmaids, and future in-laws shop with you. They indeed have varying opinions, making it difficult for you to choose a dress. Even a chatty salesperson can have their own say, too, confusing you about which dress suits you.

These stresses can dwindle your excitement about your wedding dress, so every time you feel overwhelmed, sleep it out, and on the following day, make e detailed plan — from the venue to the theme to colors. Follow your heart in choosing a style so that you won’t be swayed by others’ opinions.

Long Distances

It’s no doubt frustrating if your fiance can’t be around, or if your wedding venue is out-of-town. Planning from far away makes appointments tougher to book, and not knowing when your fiance will come back home is simply unnerving. The stress you’ll both feel can trigger fights, consequently affecting all aspects of the wedding planning.

wedding planning


A bride-to-be’s thoughts can be all over the place. As such, they may forget to organize, and in turn, overlook critical aspects of the wedding.

That is why it’s crucial to have a wedding planner, or at least a reliable friend or family member to help you. They’ll be the ones to keep lists for you if you can’t, allowing you to relax while they do the legwork.

Pleasing Parents

According to the Zola survey, 53% of couples named their parents the biggest stress culprit. 33% pointed at their in-laws. True enough, even if your wedding should be about you and your future spouse, the parentals still tend to have a lot of say.

But if they contributed to your wedding budget, then they’ve bought a ticket to partake in your wedding planning. To avoid clashing opinions, sit down with them and talk about your own plans for your big day. Then, listen to what they want to say, and compromise to make all sides happy.

Self-Care and Dates

Making time for yourself and your fiance tends to be pushed aside during the wedding planning. But these two are essential to keep stress levels under control.

86% of couples who neglected self-care experienced breakouts, headaches, appetite changes, and reduced intimacy. Meanwhile, 43% had their relationships strained.

Hence, don’t forget to rest and revitalize. Meditate, go to a spa, and have romantic dates. Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and memorable, but your well-being and relationship are more important than their glitz and glamour.

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