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Couple Etiquette: 3 Social Media Rules to Know When Planning a Wedding

It’s no secret that every part of people’s lives now has been influenced by social media, most especially the big moments, like your engagement. You probably got the idea of your extravagant proposal off YouTube. Or, you perhaps found the perfect ring in a Facebook ad. You will be using social media a lot more as you plan your wedding. It could make your life easier, but it could also cause some unnecessary drama. Before that happens, take note of these social media rules:

Don’t share your engagement online before telling close family and friends.

Yes, you’re excited to tell the whole world you’re getting married. You want to show off your girl’s rock to your friends, and perhaps how you managed to pull off a flash mob dance proposal at the mall. But here’s the thing, your dad might not like it, might be hurt even, if he would only know of this big milestone in your life online. Especially if your tenth-grade math teacher beat him to congratulate you. As much as possible, give your close family and friends the privilege of sharing the joy with you personally. If it’s not possible to pay them a visit, at least call them up. You never know, you might just get wedding venue recommendations with that one, single call.

Do agree with your fiancé what and what not to share.

You don’t want to be that couple who posts everything. Cake-tasting here. Vendor meeting there. Even the complaints you have of the wedding planner is for everyone to see. At the same time, you don’t want to start a petty fight with your fiancé about her posting the jewelry you got. From the start, be on the same page about the things that are okay and not okay to share. Discuss the reasons behind your decisions, so you know the value of committing to your agreement. For instance, you not wanting to share wedding bands pictures is perhaps for security and safety. This way, your girlfriend will understand better where you’re coming from, and not dismiss you as just being a Debbie Downer. If you’re still looking for the perfect jewelry though, consider getting white gold wedding bands for her.

Don’t fall into the trap of social media envy.

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Pinterest and Instagram offer so many ideas and inspirations. Do this for your flowers. Copy that for your reception entertainment. These are good — until they inflate your expectations, bordering to unrealistic. What’s worse is when you insist on copying what’s online to the point of breaking the bank. After all, you’re only going to get married once (well, hopefully, right?). The antidote to social media envy is curbing screen time. Avoid the incessant scrolling through pinboards. It’s not good for your mind (and wallet). It’s not good for your time, either. You could have accomplished way more things if you don’t glue yourself to the smartphone.

Rethink the way you use social media, especially now that you’re in the middle of stress-filled wedding planning. You might just get rid of so much tension if you just break away from the snaps and the likes.

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