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The modern field of dentistry may have more to offer

Within the modern world of dental care there is an ever increasing variety of dental treatments on offer at a patient’s local dentist in Richmond. The modern field of dentistry not only consists of general routine dentistry, which typically entails procedures such as fillings, oral assessments and a scale and polish treatment, but it also comprises more complex dental treatments; one example of which is restorative dentistry.

What is restorative dental care?

Restorative dentistry is becoming increasingly popular within the modern field of dental care and essentially strives to restore, not only the function of the teeth, but also the physical and cosmetic appearance of a patient’s smile. One common (and proven to be effective) type of restorative dentistry consists of dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are essentially tiny titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre long) that are inserted into the skull, therefore acting as a replica root of the tooth which serves as a stable base for both single crowns, bridges, and even whole rows of replica teeth, commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as denture stabilisation. Dental implants are deemed as the best and therefore most effective form of tooth replacement within the field of restorative dentistry, aside from fully restoring the function of a patient’s smile, they also look natural in comparison to the surrounding teeth.

Embracing the latest advancements within dental technology

Many modern dental clinics now play host to a multitude of modern dental technologies which help to enhance a patient’s dental results. One example of these advancements within dental technology are the porcelain crowns which are custom made to match the natural surrounding teeth within the mouth, with regard to their shape and shade.

Why is it so vital to replace missing teeth within the mouth?

Many patients may refrain from receiving dental implants at their local clinic, this may be due to a dental phobia, financial concerns, or a simple disregard for their dental health, however missing teeth can unfortunately cause an extensive array of dental concerns within a patient’s mouth. If a patient is considering refraining from replacing their missing tooth or teeth, they may wish to know the consequences of the choice they’re making.

A missing tooth can cause a multitude of concerns

A missing tooth can not only make it hard for patients to chew, drink, or even brush their teeth correctly, because they experience discomfort, or possibly even pain within the mouth, but it can also cause speech impairments to develop. This can consequently hinder a patient’s feelings of self-esteem and even possibly their social or career prospects. In addition to these functional difficulties, a missing tooth can also erase years of orthodontic work, which can understandably be devastating for many individuals.

Did you know?

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In addition to the surrounding teeth moving into the exposed space, therefore reversing months, or possibly even years worth of expensive dental work, the missing tooth can also encourage the accumulation of oral bacteria within the mouth, consequently leading to the development of unwanted oral diseases and infections.

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