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Ways to Flush Emotional Turmoil During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Is the year 2020 making you feel more stressed than ever? Are social distancing rules, hand washing rules, and all the other imposed health precautions driving you nuts? Or maybe you feel exhausted and frustrated from working from home while taking care of the kids and the house? Then know that you are not alone.

A recent study claims that 55% of people are more stressed than before the COVID-19 pandemic. They are concerned about their loved one’s health and safety, their own health, and their personal finances. Many are now bored and frustrated about suddenly have to stop engaging in their usual activities. Because of these, many are affected physically, financially, mentally, and most importantly, emotionally. How can one cope and unleash their frustrations without hurting anyone and causing arguments with their loved ones?

There are multiple strategies one can use to deal with emotional turmoil the fun and healthy way. The good news is, one can do this without putting themselves and their families at risk. If you are anyone you know badly needs to release their emotional steam, you can consider any of the following tips.

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Get physical

Physical activities are a great way to release negative emotions. Know that your emotions are valid but should never be a reason to hurt anyone, not even yourself. Instead, find an activity you can focus your energy on and start moving.

If you prefer staying indoors, you can choose to pick up a new exercise regime or whip up recipes that require you to knead your emotions out. You can also start cleaning one room each day or scrub the whole house clean if you’re up to it. If you have kids, use this chance to play games with them. Just make sure to choose an activity that will require you to move and pour your feelings out.

Did you know that there are also outdoor activities you can safely engage in? Think of drive-in theaters, hiking, and biking. You can even take up golfing with a friend or two! Just make sure to maintain proper distance and wear your masks. Don’t forget to bring a radar gun because who knows? You may accidentally learn you are actually good at swinging.

Share your emotions away

Pent-up emotions will do your body and mind no good. This is why you need to have a good support system you can rely on in times of emotional turmoil. Reach out to a friend, text your siblings, call your parents or hug your family. Don’t be scared to seek support as there will always be someone willing to share your pain, listen to your sentiments, and make you smile. Consider talking to an expert if you can no longer handle your emotional stress.

If you find it hard to share your emotions openly, you can choose to write it out instead. Studies show that expressive writing has positive psychological effects. Create your journal, share it on social media, or start your own blog. Share your emotional struggles and you will be surprised by how many can relate and how many cares.

Sharing your emotions and releasing your negative feelings through physical activity can be extremely rewarding. Know that there is no need to always pent-up your emotions. You are capable of feeling emotions because they are real and valid. Know that your emotional well-being matters more during the pandemic.

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