Types of Textured Finishes for Ceilings

When handling a construction project, you aim to do an exceptional job so that you can get referrals and repeat clients. This means you should pay attention to every inch of your construction. One element that most contractors nonetheless forget is the ceiling. 

They assume they cannot do much to enhance its look and that few people will pay attention to a ceiling’s design. The ceiling is, however, the crowning glory of your interiors. As such, it should receive as much attention as all parts of the construction.

plasterboard cutting device or tool, along with some texturising implements, should be the first ones you get for your venture. Most ceilings and walls nowadays are made of plasterboard. These tools will thus prove essential in creating intricate designs and textures that will uplift almost all interiors.

The following are some of the textured ceiling finishes you can choose for your projects.

Skip Trowel Finish

This marks the most popular choice for textured ceilings and has a subtle ‘’stuccoed’’ appearance. The skip trowel texture will be applied manually using joint compounds and coarse sand before a trowel is used to spread these compounds and create the desired texture.

This texture is often used in high-end properties since it has a slightly Mediterranean appearance. It is nonetheless also ideal for low-key and classy interior looks.

Knockdown Finish

Most contractors assume this is the same as the skip trowel design. The knockdown texture will start with the spraying of a watered-down compound on the ceiling. As the mixture dries, it will start dripping and create ‘’stalactites’’ that will be scraped away and leave a ‘’stuccoed’’ texture.

The knockdown texture like the skip trowel one is perfect for concealing minor ceiling imperfections and add depth to your rooms. It nonetheless takes less time and labour compared to the latter since it needs no manual trowelling.

Orange Peel Finish

This is a somewhat bumpy yet soft texture sprayed on ceilings. It is a popular choice for modern properties. It has a subtler and smoother look compared to the knockdown, skips trowel variants and suits the minimalist look of these styles.

The orange peel texture also suffices for business premises where owners want clients to focus on their products and services rather than get distracted by the construction.

Man painting his ceiling white

Swirled Finish

This is a beautiful and unique ceiling design worth considering for clients who want their properties to stand out. Swirled ceilings have patterns of half and full circles created by a twirling sponge or tool when the finishing compound starts setting. The resultant design is a fanned striking pattern with some artistic flair.

Popcorn Finishes

These have a bumpy and rough look like cottage cheese or popcorn. Though challenging to clean, popcorn textured ceilings are cost-effective and unique. Moreover, the increased surface area of this design makes it ideal for sound-absorbing ceilings and is thus at times called acoustic ceilings.

Texturising a ceiling sounds like a straightforward undertaking. It can nonetheless ruin your entire project even after picking the right texture form the ones above if you do not have the right tools. You should thus carefully choose the supplier your ceiling finishing tools.

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