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Must-Have Design Elements for Your Outdoor Living Space

For a long time, people were somewhat forced to contend with seemingly cramped indoor spaces since they had limited options for living beyond their four walls. Thankfully, you now have several ways to extend your living space to the outdoors with a patio. This is not your basic patio, but one designed not just for functionality, but also comfort and livability.

There are many types of outdoor patios and spaces that homeowners prefer to have in their properties. Stratco patios in Brisbane explain that many of these styles combine indoor and outdoor functions. Ask your builder to create an outdoor space that provides both functions. The following are a few design elements you should include in your patio.

Outdoor Furniture

These pieces could occupy the largest space on your patio and determine its functionality. Rather than choose to pick the best-looking patio furniture in the shops, consult an expert on the ideal colour, material, style, and size for your space. In most cases, patio furniture can be oversized, but it all depends on the overall size of your property. You should arrange it in a way that allows free movement around the pieces without colliding with other design elements.

You could also use old or antique furniture pieces to give your patio a rustic chic atmosphere. You can accentuate it with old barn doors, carriage wheels, or wooden fences.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

fire pit

Other than a light source for your patio, a fireplace or fire pit will also warm you during cold evenings and make your patio comfortable. While fireplaces are installed in a permanent place, fire pits can be moved from one spot to another. Both options can serve as the focal points for your entire patio design and the gathering spot in your outdoor space. There are different size options for your fire pit or fireplace to guarantee it matches your available space and other elements.


This is primarily a functional element but can also be used to highlight some of the designs on your patio. Different lighting alternatives exist, but accent lights are the best ones for highlighting a few sections. In most cases, outdoor lighting is layered. You could place some lamps around the patio to mark out its boundaries and the paths leading to it. Layering your outdoor lighting makes your patio seem larger than it is and transform your entire exterior space.


Plants in your outdoor space are not only used for marking boundaries but will also make it the best place to relax comfortably in nature. You can include potted plants, planters, or even create a small garden near the patio. You should nonetheless be ready to maintain these plants to guarantee a supply of fresh air and the best-looking outdoor space.

Constructing and designing an exceptional patio with your preferred design elements is no easy feat. Find a builder that understands all these so you could create the kind of property that you’ve always wanted. Better yet, patio construction experts can guide you on the materials and design that would make your patio dreams come true.

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