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Six Ways to Protect Your Property From Intruders

It can be challenging to accept that crime rates are rising in the United States. A couple of years ago, crime rates seemed to be decreasing. However, this year violent and property crimes are still increasing. Experts believe there are a few reasons for this, but the most likely cause is the struggling economy.

As a property owner, taking whatever precautions to protect your assets is essential. Here are six ways to do that:

Have a Security System Installed

There are no two ways about this; you will need a security system. A professionally installed home security system is going to be your best bet. You want a system with surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and an alarm that will notify the authorities if it’s triggered.

You can also get creative with your security system by installing security cameras. These won’t do anything to stop an intruder, but they may make them think twice before trying to break in.

Smart security systems that send alerts to your phone are also available. These are ideal because you can check in on your home even when you’re not there.

Invest in Good Locks

Good locks are approaching often overlooked. If you have a flimsy lock, it’s not going to do much to deter an intruder. You want to ensure all your doors and windows have solid and durable locks.

You should also consider getting a deadbolt for your doors. Deadbolts are more challenging to pick, so they offer an extra layer of security. You can also invest in smart locks.

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a higher level of security. They also allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

Cameras in ready for any intruders

Install Good Lighting

Lighting is another essential part of deterring criminals. Install motion sensor lights around the perimeter of your property. It will ensure that anyone who approaches your property will be caught in the light, making them easier to spot.

It’s also a good idea to keep your property well-lit at night. This will make it more difficult for burglars to sneak around undetected.

Keep Your Property Well-Maintained

An overgrown lawn or a broken window are telltale signs that no one is home. If your property looks abandoned, it’s more likely to be targeted by criminals. On the other hand, by keeping your property well-maintained, you’re sending a message that someone is always home and keeping an eye on things.

Here’s how you can keep your property well-maintained:

  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Trim your hedges
  • Remove any dead trees or limbs
  • Fix any broken windows or doors

Being a property owner comes with a lot of responsibility. However, taking the necessary precautions can protect your property from criminals.

Invest in a Safe

Invest in an excellent safe if you have valuables that you want to keep extra safe. There are all sorts of safes on the market these days, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. You need a big safe to store all of your valuables but not so big that it’s obvious.

You should also consider getting a fireproof safe to protect your documents and other essential items. Some of the best safes you can buy include:

  • First Alert 2087F-BD Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe
  • Honeywell 1104 Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe Box
  • Stack-On PS-15-10 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

The average safe cost is around $250, but it’s worth the investment if it means your valuables are safe.

These are the five ways you can protect your home from intruders. But there is one last way you should know. If push comes to shove, it might be good to also invest in a firearm.

Buy a Firearm

The second amendment gives you the right to bear arms. And while it’s not for everyone, owning a firearm can be an excellent way to protect your property.

If you decide to go this route, take the necessary safety precautions. Get trained to use your gun and keep it stored properly when you’re not using it.

You should also consider getting insurance if you own a gun. This will help cover any damages if your weapon is used in self-defense. Additionally, ensure that you purchase your firearm from a gun shop with excellent firearm business insurance. This should cover all sorts of accidents in the store, when your gun malfunctions, or any other accident related to the product.

Owning a gun is a big responsibility, but it could come in handy if your home is ever broken into.

These are the six ways you can protect your property from intruders. By taking these precautions, you can rest assured.

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